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Last Dance (Custic Remix) – Dua Lipa

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Reviewed Expert+

How exactly BennyDaBeast makes maps that are so danceable in Beat Saber, I may never know! As an Expert+ map, Last Dance is perhaps Benny’s most challenging song to date. It contains all of the goodness you expect from Benny with a few new tricks up its sleeve.

Most Expert+ songs suffer in the area of visibility, flow, and even just plain movement (they often use a lot of close up and down patterns to make it challenging.) But somehow Last Dance is both challenging and has great danceable patterns that force you to move (and Dance - it’s in the name, come on!).

Overall, just a fantastically fun song to play! This map should be a model for other mappers on how to break away from those long up and down streaks on expert maps and learn to use that full 4x3 grid (without giving you visibility issues).

Mapper: bennydabeast

Difficulties: Expert+, Expert, Hard, Normal
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  1. Can you make please a 360° map version. Pleeease. Thank you for the great map anyway.

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