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Gerudo Valley Metal by Machinae Supremacy

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
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Mapper: atlasentity

This song is amazing! My first beat map that I’m actually proud of and want to share. Medium / Hard / Expert difficulties all in perfect time with event lighting and yeah it’s just a lot of fun. Enjoy and credit for the song goes to Machinae Supremacy, got check out their BandCamp at and toss them a few bucks for the awesome music they create. Thanks for checking it out and please rate! Feedback welcome!

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Comments (2)
  1. Eru_1 says:

    Download link is not working. Leads to blank page. Same thing happens with many songs in this site.

  2. Chris Brown says:

    A long time ago, when Skyrim VR came out I went and bought a VR set. Shortly after, Beatsaber was Finally released! Wooo! Before to long modded songs started coming out, Yay Beatsaber! I downloaded like 50 player made songs and played all of them…. and even to this day, there are but a handful I go back to, to play, everytime I load the game up.

    This song, is great. and If you would like I would like to toss some bucks at you to make more metal styled songs! Plug your paypal or just add me on discord Gronkar#4135 if you want to talk about it further. Just need some good beat maps, and most are just a mess with subpar music.

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