Teminite & Panda Eyes – Highscore (fixed)

Difficulties Expert
848 117
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Straight outta vidja game

This one is quite an interesting map that I go back to regularly. Mostly because I enjoy the song, but also because it's a good map to train your "drum rolls" on (up/down on both hands). The BPM is not too high, it's mostly on beat, and there's good variety on the pattern for you to train on. The follow up on the roll is also interesting and will keep you on edge.

There's a few timing issues and some weird wrist movements in some patterns, but it's mostly ok. The song is pretty long as well, so it's a bit of a stamina check.

Now if I could get the bloody song out of my head... It's like my brain is stuck on it!

Mapper: squeaksies

Some timing problems fixed. Notably around the intro
[Expert Only]
Length – 4:20

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