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TheFatRat – Jackpot [Jackpot EP Track #1] Version 2

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Mapper: robosheepz

Title: Jackpot
Album: Jackpot
Track Number: 1
Artist: TheFatRat
Genre: Dance/Electronic
BPM: 206 (or 103 depending on how you feel)
Track length: 3:16
Beatmap ‘artist’: RoboSheepz
Difficulties: Expert, Hard, Normal, and Easy

-Added Hard, Normal, and Easy modes for less experienced players.
-Added automatically generated lighting with Lightmap.
-Added some other lighting manually to complement the auto-generated lighting.
-Removed a misplaced note.

This will be the final update and upload of this song. Hopefully, the scores should be comparable to the original. Also, the song shares the same folder name as version 1, so you can just overwrite the old folder if you want to install manually.

I do not own this song nor the cover artwork. If you are the owner of any media used in the creation of this release and wish to have it removed, contact me via Beat Saver.
Head over to TheFatRat’s channel if you want to show him some love.
Artist URL:
Song URL:

All software used: Audacity, BeatSaber Editor, Lightmap, 7-Zip, VLC Media Player, and BeatSaber of course.

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