Conqueror – AURORA

Difficulties Hard Expert
1557 81
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So Far all of NovaShaft's maps have had amazing flow, and this map is no exception

This song is great. Fun patterns, great flow, great song choice, it basically has it all. Nova just knows what songs to do and how to make them great.  Through the whole song you can just zone out to the great music and slide right along through the song. The use of walls is nice and simplistic.  Honestly I don't know if i can say anything bad about this map, its so fun and enjoyable.

Mapper: NovaShaft

Expert Playthrough :

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
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Comments (2)
  1. Brainz says:

    Simply put, this i my favorite map currently available. It’s not the hardest map out there, but it is so much fun and just enough of a challenge to not be boring

    1. NovaShaft says:

      Glad you like it 🙂

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