Dancing in the Velvet Moon – 水樹奈々(Nana Mizuki) [Noodle Extensions]

Difficulties Expert+
434 7
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Mapper: aggrogahu

— I can’t spell
— Requires Noodle Extensions and Chroma.
— While this map doesn’t teleport the player position, apparently players still get motion sick because of the rotating wall art at the end, so anyone susceptible to motion sickness be warned.
— Map is meant to be played on the Origins environment. Any custom notes or platforms will break one or more of the visual effects.
— Sorry that it’s only Expert+ this time around. I needed all the time I had just to complete this before BSMG Halloween Contest submissions were closed.

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Rosario+Vampire is a shameless fanservice harem anime, so I don’t quite recommend it, but the manga is alright (still full of fanservice though). Mizore best waifu.

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