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ShrekSaber – An Interview With KingPeuche

This is absolutely wild! The ENTIRE Shrek movie has just been turned into a Beat Saber song! That’s a solid one hour and 23 minutes of Beat Saber goodness!

If you don’t know much about Beat Saber mapping, a good map can take anywhere between 10 and 20 hours to map just a 5 minute song. Now imagine the surprise from the Beat Saber community when mapper KingPeuche announced that if he got a certain amount of reactions on a message, he would map the entire Shrek movie. (Needless to say, he got more than enough reactions 🙂 )

A lot of people might say something like this, but few would ever follow through. Fortunately for us, KingPeuche is a special member. A couple days ago, KingPeuche announced that “it is finished!”

The map will be released tomorrow in the form of a tournament with all kinds of fun Shrek / Beat Saber prizes available.

Who better to start off our first BeastSaber interview ever than with the legendary KingPeuche himself?

Brian: Congrats on finally finishing this epic project!! Can you tell me a little bit about what exactly inspired you to do it this?

KingPeuche: Hey, thanks! Within the earlier Beat Saber community, I’ve frequently seen people say “Imagine if X movie was mapped”, usually in regards to Shrek or the Bee movie. Yet, for me, for them, and for any lurkers, those statements were clear jokes. But why? Why not map an entire movie? Sure it’s time consuming, but not only is it for Shrek, it’s for the history books. I’ve yet to see any rhythm game have an entire film be mapped. I think this would make a lot of people happy, and the initial support I received from the modding staff and community really gave me a push. I would spend most of my free time mapping anyways, so I figured I may as well use that time to make history.

Brian: We just need to contact the Guiness team now! How does it feel to be done? Now that it’s all finished, did it turn out the way you hoped?

KingPeuche: I’m not done. Sure the map is complete, but I have to fine-tune it more. I wish I had more time to perfect everything. I am spending all of today (the day that I’m writing this) fine tuning the map. However, after the tournament, I will fine tune everything again, as well as cut up each song and release them as standalones. As much as I’d love to make this map perfect, it IS an 83-minute map, and I would need at least an extra month to make sure it’s all absolutely perfect. For now, the map is at a healthy state. It is perhaps a tad difficult and will certainly catch casuals off guard (looking at donkey), but the current quality is good enough to be super fun, never totally unfair, and still satisfying. It is no masterpiece by any means, but with time, it soon will be.

Brian: Well, you have quite a few people excited to play it. How many hours do you estimate it took to do it?

KingPeuche: On days that I would progress on the map after work, I would be at it for 5-hour sessions. Some days, when I really wanted to push forward, I’d work from morning to night. Firstly, what is wrong with me, and secondly, I started working on this July 3rd. We’ll low-ball and say I’ve worked on it 3 hours a day for a grand total of over 120 hours.

Brian: That’s crazy! Huge mad respect for you for what you’ve accomplished! What would you say surprised you the most during mapping?

KingPeuche: The most surprising part of this entire ordeal is that I wasn’t bored of it. You would think that this type of thing would get boring, but it actually got more fun as I progressed into it. This was my pleasure, it was a hobby. If ever I wasn’t in the mood, I put the project down. I’m a busy dude, with work, university, as well as a few other major projects, a girlfriend, and a healthy social life, so I thought this would tire me out, but it in fact did the contrary. 

Brian: I was kind of afraid you’d be so burned out by mapping, you’d never want to touch another map. Glad to hear!! What do you hope to see for the future of Beat Saber in general?

KingPeuche: Man, I want this game to skyrocket in popularity. I want it to become the next big rhythm game. I’ve had the Vive since its launch and have always been awestruck by the emergence of virtual reality. My primary desire is for VR to make it big, and for all of VR to make strides in technology. The way I see it, Beat Saber is an extension of that goal. It is VR exposure. At the same time, it’s such a great game with a great community. It has all the tools to make it big and really solidify some form of VR brackets in the competitive gaming scene. So, I want this game to make it big, and I want this game to have some huge iconic names behind it as well. It all starts with the mappers and staff, though. Hence this project.

Brian: It really has been amazing seeing the community come together in a very unique way that you don’t often see outside of VR. 

So just curious, a lot of people talk about doing something this ambitious, but don’t actually follow through. What kept you going?

KingPeuche: Well, I lost a bet in a sense. For those of you that have been following since day one, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I wasn’t willing to back out on my end of the deal. This was the primary factor, everything is secondary and explained in other parts of this interview.

Brian: Haha, well we hope you loose more bets in the future! What were a couple of your favorite spots of the movie to map? 

KingPeuche: The dragon scene was glorious to map. It’s the most hype moment of the film, and I think I did a great job mapping it. It also uses some of the questionable mechanics that I’ve picked up over my career, that I’m hoping will scare the player as much as Shrek and his crew feared the Dragon. 

The film is full of symbolic elements, or motifs, and I chose to map those. I felt like that was a creative way to connect the map to the film. Whenever I mapped something to go in accordance with the symbols, I would feel a kind of gratification knowing that somebody some day will go “OMG he did this symbolic THING that only I noticed!”.  There are a lot of those. If that happens to you, please message me on Discord or Youtube. I’d absolutely love to hear it. I love to hear from you all, and I’ll always love to hear from people who appreciate or have feedback for my work. 

Brian: Can’t wait! Tell us a little more about mapping the dialogue in the movie?

KingPeuche: I will say that my favorite part in the entire film is the last 20 or so minutes. Starting from the hallelujah song, I just can’t get over how happy I am about the map here. 

Also, EVERY note during dialogue is based on their corresponding characters’ movements and gestures within the film. That’s a pain in the neck to map, but hot damn is it satisfying to look back at now that it’s done.

Brian: Well, again we’re all so excited! Thank you for taking the time to share a little bit about the process. 

If you were to map any other movie, what would it be?

KingPeuche: Shrek 2. That’s a given; and, something I’m planning. Though it will be a community effort this time, because, well… do I even need to explain why?

Brian: Haha, nope! Hype!! So the song comes out tomorrow. Can you tell us a little about the tournament that is launching it?

KingPeuche: The tournament is TOMORROW on Twitch, August 11th at 7:30PM EDT. We have 50 scheduled streamers, and 300 registered competitors. Though, I expect the real number to be reasonably smaller than this. Players will have 3 hours to submit their scores after the map is released. I will be live streaming the event on my dad LeBandit915’s stream. What a guy.

Brian: One very last thing before we go. I believe you’ve hidden some things here on bsaber.com in the form of an Easter Egg to download something special. Can you give us a hint as to how we might find it?


Three ogre ghosts have infiltrated Bsaber.com, and we must retrieve them to save Shregg. I can’t say more. They’ll find me if I do. 

Thank you for your interest, Elliott! I hope that those reading tune in on the 11th, as well as play the map for themselves. Enjoy, and message me if you have ANY comments- I answer everything! [email protected]

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  1. TimBuckrue says:

    My god, he actually finished it…

  2. Josh Miller says:

    I would love to see an actual musical done in beat saber meow! Maybe Grease?

  3. Agoza says:

    Find all three Shregg ghosts and proceed to the next step to save Shregg. It’s here and there. More hints in Discord. 😛

  4. cjj says:

    can you still play the movie

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