Xi – Angelic Party

Difficulties Expert+
23 3

Mapper: CriminalCannoli My third chart, where i took the concept of circular streams to see if it was fun. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty fun! 191 bpm. NJS 17. Charted by CriminalCannoli Lights by M…


Happatai – YATTA!

Difficulties Hard Expert
67 1

Mapper: ETAN Difficulties: Expert, Hard G-R-EE-N LEAVES! Japanese YMCA tbh If you know this song, you a legend Youtube Preview: coming soon BPM 133 Hard, Expert Have fun! contact me on discord Discord…


DETRO – volcanic

Difficulties Expert+
18 22

Mapper: hexagonial Difficulties: ExpertPlus souk and fraies pressured me into making this decent peepowtf Deleted version:…