Play the cards you’ve been given!

A fun way to play through some fantastic maps that you wouldn’t try otherwise. Try playing the songs that the algorithm gives you whether it looks interesting or not and you might be surprised how much you enjoy them!

(click or tap to flip each card)


[magicards backface=”1009819″ ids=”,1009841,1009839,1009836,1009828,1009827,1009820,1009826,1009847,1009848,1009849,1009850,1009851,1009852,1009859,1009858,1009857,1009865,1009863,1009864,1009862,1009869,1009868,1009867,1009907,1009911,1009910,1009908,1009909,1009912,1009914″ num=”3″ col=”3″ thumbsize=”medium_large”]