All About Featured Playlists

Playlists are a great way to get a whole collection of maps from your favorite artist or with a great theme. Featured Playlists have been screened by our curation team to ensure that the maps are recent, meet our minimum curation standards, and have a tight theme.

For players who want to make playlists…

Did you know… that BeatSaver now allows ANYONE to make playlists for their own use or to share with their friends? All you need is an account on

  1. Go to your BeatSaver profile and click on the “Playlist” tab

  2. Click the green “Create Playlist” button and complete the necessary information including a name, description, and cover image. Also, decide whether you want your playlist to be public or private, then click “Create”

  3. Once your playlist has been created it’s time to start adding maps! This is the easy part. Search for maps you want to add you your playlist and click the green plus sign. Choose which playlist to add the map to rinse-repeat!

You can share the link to your playlist or download an share the .bplist file with your friends or in the #playlist-promotion channel in the BSMG or BeastSaber discords.

BeatSaver now has filters and search functions for playlist. You can filter for playlists that are curated or created by verified mappers. Now playlists no longer need to be featured packs to be found.

For mappers who want to make a featured pack…

Sometimes mappers may want to collaborate to create and release new maps with a common theme as a song pack. Song packs can always be created on BeatSaver and shared but they may also be eligible to be featured on the front page of BeastSaber.

Thinking about mapping a purpose-made song pack? Here’s what you need to know…

75% Curateable

At least 75% of the maps in the pack need to be curateable, which means that they are free of objective issues. A complete list of “Curation Don’ts” can be found on our Curation page.

Clear Theme

Featured song packs all have a clear theme tying the maps together. Examples of good themes include: Genres; Artists or Albums; Shows, Games, or Movies. Senior Curators have discretion over appropriate themes.

75% Purpose Made

75% of maps need to have been created for the pack and should be recently* released, even if they were dripped out over a period of a few months. Look below for tips on “marketing” your pack for maximum impact.

Minimum 40 Points

All potential featured packs must score 40+ points on our pack calculator and a minimum of five (5) maps. The weighting system rewards packs with full spreads and manually created lighting.

Note: Every pack is reviewed by our Senior Curators, who determine if the theme and content is sufficient for the pack to be featured. They will always have the final say, but any pack within reason will probably be approved.

So how do I start?

  1. Song pack requests can be made in the BeastSaber Discord. Check the pins in the #playlist-request channel for full info and guidelines.
  2. Follow the steps above to create a playlist on BeatSaver before your release date and link the playlist in your request thread.
  3. A Senior Curator will contact you with any questions. If YOU have questions about your pack, feel free to DM a member of the Senior Curation team.

Pack Marketing Tips

Consider some of these ideas for turning your pack launch into an event and get the hype train chugging!

  • The Bomb Release: Schedule all your maps to publish at the same time and create a “Flood” of maps (the record is 52!).
  • The Antici…pation Release: Hold the maps and drip release a couple a day over the period of a week leading up to the drop of the full pack.
  • Pack Tagging: Put an abbreviated “slug” in front of your BeatSaver map titles to tie all your maps together (i.e., [DITR], [SC2H], [Noodlemas]. etc.). This also makes it easier to search for all the maps in the pack to create the playlist and gives a visual cue to players that if they like this map, there are more in the “set.”
  • Launch Party: If you have your own discord server, consider hosting a “launch party” for when the pack drops where people stream playing the maps.
  • Stream Requests: Visit Beat Saber streamers who are into the kinds of maps from the pack and respectfully request some. Not sure on etiquette? Ask your friendly neighborhood content creator about best practices.
  • Self-Promotion: There are #playlist-promotion channels in several servers that allow you to link to new packs and playlists (even ones that aren’t featured!). And don’t forget to use that social media to let your followers know about the big launch!