MajorPickle and TechButterfly


PickleTech Halloween Pack


Okay Boos and Ghouls! Major “Monster” Pickle and Tech “Terror” Butterfly have joined forces once again, this time to bring you nine gruesome beat saber maps for the Halloween season! Dance away the terror with songs from a wide range of genres and eras! We’ve got classic rock, modern pop, even one that’s a bit of a mashup of styles – all horror-themed for your blood-curdling enjoyment! All maps have Normal and Expert Standard difficulties, as well as a 360 variant. One of the songs has a bonus Hard 90 diff too! We wish everyone a happy, healthy, saber-swinging Halloween!

Big thanks to Cristopher Gutierrez for the awesome artwork!

Thanks as always to the amazing Maybeemae, who playtested all the difficulties on all these maps many times over! We really appreciate you!