PickleTech 1980s Movie Pack

MajorPickle and TechButterfly present

Six new maps of some of the greatest songs from 1980s movies!


MajorPickle and TechButterfly invite you to slice blocks to six all new maps of iconic songs featured in movies from the 1980s! From the funk of Low Rider to the calypso rhythms of Jump in the Line, from the rockin’ beats of St. Elmo’s Fire and I Can Dream About You to the thumping cadence of Neutron Dance and When the Going Gets Tough, these are some of the biggest songs from some of our favorite movies. We’re betting they’ll be some of yours, too!

All songs are fully mapped Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert (and in some cases Expert Plus) Standard. They also all have Expert or Expert Plus 360 levels.

From MajorPickle

St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion) – John Parr – from St. Elmo’s Fire

I Can Dream About You – Dan Hartman – from Streets of Fire

When the Going Gets Tough – Billy Ocean – from Jewel of the Nile

From TechButterfly

Low Rider – War – from Up in Smoke

Jump in the Line – Harry Belafonte – from Beetlejuice

Neutron Dance – The Pointer Sisters – from Beverly Hills Cop

Big thanks to our playtesters – Maybeemae, Brentastic, Cottonsmiles, and StormKnight.

If you like these, be sure and look up some of our other maps. MajorPickle in particular has mapped plenty of other movie songs besides the ones in this pack.