Chirality – Camelia

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
3 15

Mapper: ayylmao Chirality – Camelia, Definitely super proud of this map, had lots of fun and thought it was well done, the difficulties are all a little bit hard than meant to be besides expert …


SpaceMan – AyyLmao

Difficulties Expert
0 12

Mapper: ayylmao 2nd ever map, pretty proud of it but the part about half way through the song where you cant see the note at all due to it being in the middle stage, but I still think this song deserv…


Go With It by TokiMonsTa

Difficulties Expert
0 1

Mapper: ayylmao Go With It – By Tokimonsta. This was my first ever map and im honestly not super proud of it but i think it deserves to get out there and be tried. Tysm for playing ! 🙂…


Island (Au5 Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
42 3

Mapper: tranquillizeme A great song, and an even greater remix. Island (Au5 Remix) – Seven Lions, Trivecta, Wooli, Nevve, Au5 | 143 BPM | Expert+ Only | Fully mapped with a bit of custom and aut…