Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
46 4

Mapper: yun0 This map was made for the Cube Community Summer Cup Grand Finals, Loloppe did the lights! BPM: 200 | 4 Difficulties (Expert+, Expert, Hard, Normal) | Lighting done by Loloppe! Alive [Expe…


Xi – Zephyros

Difficulties Expert+
0 0

Mapper: jez I thought id take a crack at a stream map. this one isnt to difficult, i just like the song. Found a problem? Discord Dm me @Jez#2569 BPM:180 Diff: Expert++…


Gram (Dj Genki) & Kobaryo – Yggdrasil

Difficulties Expert+
12 2

Mapper: jez This map has taken me longer than any map ive ever made. and i promise its still gonna get shit on PepeLaff BPM: 100-400 Difficulty: Expert++/Hexpert+ Ultra If you find a double down or st…