Electronic Techno

Stress – REZZ

Difficulties Easy Expert+
50 13

Mapper: dgrj4life Finally putting out a REZZ map, been sitting on this one for a while. Weird and wide patterns to stress you out. WARNING: Very bright strobes with Chroma



Difficulties Expert+
0 0

Mapper: grasswalk my fourth map it can’t be perfect but it takes me a lot of time good luck and enjoy 🙂 I delete seven times for the map because my process in mapping is poooooor 🙁


Ikon – Dive

Difficulties Hard
0 0

Mapper: _elynnya_ My first custom map. Tried to keep it fun and easy while still giving a good workout. A couple of “tricky” bits added in for fun. Hope you enjoy playing. More to …


Chigasm (Half Duck Cover)

Difficulties Expert+
1 0

Mapper: phoenixin This is My first map, hope you enjoy monkaspeed 🙂 Special thanks to everyone who Tested this and helped me with this map Diablo for modding Tootie for helping with BPM’…