Beat Saber Goes 90s

90s music is special for me. It is my childhood, my memories, and it is a big part of who I am and the inspirations I have. Everything from the 90s synths, eurobeat, ballads, rap, I simply love all


Cheshire’s Dance

Difficulties Expert Expert+
1 0

Mapper: fatbeanzoop bigly fun vibro map, and a collab between myself and MId. Mid originally mapped this song a while ago but I went through and changed a lot of it, 2 difficulties for the lads to enj…


Chroma – Nijiiro no Hana

Difficulties Hard
9 0

Mapper: shadow reupload #2 for rank on ss Ty for mod altrewin & Skeelie Map info: Song: Nijiiro no Hana Author: Chroma Length: 3:53 BPM: 152 journey to a distant memory ~ (Hard) NJS: 14 Notes/Seco…


Otaku Cast Intro

Difficulties Hard
1 1

Mapper: taylorfromtflrs This is a podcast intro for a Podcast I listen to. Feel free to check them out on YouTube (Otaku Cast), and on Spotify or where ever you listen to podcasts.…