Kaneko Chiharu – iLLness LiLin

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
7 12

Mapper: jez Uh, Yee Haw Gamer This is gonna be my last map for a while. im going to be leaving the mapping community for the better part of a year once this map is ranked. it was fun while it lasted. …


Sweet Halloween – Hatsuki Yura

Difficulties Expert Expert+
34 4

Mapper: hwatwhy -Simple Chroma Lights- Halloween’s over for my country but it isn’t ALL over in some right? RIGHT?! I’m semi-late then widepeepoHappy, have this pepeJAMJAM by Hatsuki…

fatbeanzoop Hip Hop Rap Soundtrack


Difficulties Expert
17 2

Mapper: fatbeanzoop In Da Club by 50 Cent the chad, GO GO GO GO GO Thanks noxu for feedback when mapping GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO OG OG OG OG OG OG OG O GO GOG OG OG OG OG OG OG OG OG GO GO GO GO OG…

eop glacier

Little Nii – This is Halloweeb

Difficulties Expert
157 10

Mapper: eop glacier Original Video: I had this done for a little over a week but I wanted to post it now because it’s Halloween and because I’m going to an anime con (a smaller less known …