little saber dancer

U Got That (Halogen)

Difficulties Expert
120 37

Mapper: little saber dancer Watch me play this on youtube: The lights in the background were mapped by Serenity and the original map can be found here: https://beatsaver.com/beatmap/3700 I sim…


Nacreous Snowmelt – Camellia

Difficulties Expert+
46 1

Mapper: umbranox This map kinda took over 40 hours to make, enjoy(?) ty oddloop for staying in vc with me the entire time keeping me sane ❤ hmu on discord for any feedback or issues Umbranox#6671


Wildcard – DJVI

Difficulties Hard
1 0

Mapper: zilchthegrate This is my second beat map, I plan on updating this semi often. Enjoy and good luck! Rev 1.6 -made some significant flow fixes to hard mode Rev 1.5a -made some slight adj…



Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
46 5

Mapper: that_narwhal spent way to long on this map like 8 hours I still want as much feedback as i can get 🙏 gonna rank its almost ready this is a upload just so people can test and give me feedback


The Loud House Theme

Difficulties Expert Expert+
5 1

Mapper: jokidum I’ve been making these maps to entertain people, not to challenge them, so I mostly avoid mapping expert + levels, but I couldn’t help myself this time around. This…