Daddy – PSY

Difficulties Hard Expert
719 7

Mapper: fafurion Insanely fun dance map! Enjoy! See the map in action (Expert): Thank you to my playtesters: QTPop (https://www.twitch.tv/qtpop) DuoVR (https://www.twitch.tv/duovr) Sourgurl (https://w…


Hotline Miami Vol.3

Difficulties Expert
4 6

Mapper: Codsworthmore It’s my first beat track and I would appreciate any feedback you may have 😀 I’m not afraid of some constructive criticism ;P Discord: Codsworthmore#4656…


Notepad – NF

Difficulties Expert
1 2

Mapper: DedXGamer This is my second Beat Saber song! I deleted the first one because it was mainly a test. I put a lot of effort in it to make it flow smoothly and have good rhythm! Hopefully you enjo…