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Noodle Touhou

The Ramen Noodle mapping group is back once again! Are you tired of us yet?
This time we bring you the Noodle Touhou pack!
We have been working on this for months and hope you enjoy!


Blacklolita – Frustrate

Difficulties Expert+
0 0

Mapper: fatbeanzoop feedback @FatBeanzoop#0401 I cant tell if this is just a big mess, will probably reupload at some point to improve stuff reuploaded to fix some fucky stuff


Loki – Wizard’s Tower

Difficulties Expert+
0 0

Mapper: bagusnl My 3rd map! #ILoveOneHand Lighting done using Lightmap + some adjustments Thank you for all the help for wholesome peoples: Light Ai for NJS and Offset correction Layanmeta, cc…


Nightcore – Drugs

Difficulties Expert+
4 0

Mapper: raptor2111 Upsahl – Drugs turned into Nightcore by UNDERDOGS I was bored so I mapped this 🙂 Enjoy