NoodleJams Vol. 1

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The Ramen Noodle group is back at it again, this time with a volume of absolute jammers! This pack also features a number of multiple difficulties to ensure more people have access to experien…


Kat Cunning- Confident

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
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Mapper: wynny i just wanted to make something that was fun but still challenging for beginners like myself dont ask me why normal is there i dont know i had to reupload cause it was mad i chan…



Difficulties Normal Expert Expert+
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Mapper: weisslilie It will be the 4th map. This time, I made 4 difficulty levels including Lawless. CAT: Normal difficulty. This map is also recommended for beginners. POODLE: Expert difficult…

a jhintleman

Black Magic

Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: a jhintleman jhdfvbdsvfgsdhf Going for rank V12 lol Many thanks to CheckThePan, as well as Jabob for modding it and saving it from the nothing it was <3 Also thanks to my main testp…