Panda Eyes – Crystal Cave

Difficulties Expert+
319 7

Mapper: coolpick Re-upload 3 for ranked, hopefully final, changed a few patterns and removed unnecessary stacks and such. (thanks hex for suggestions again) Re-upload 2 for ranked (the first r…


Tuxedo – Do It

Difficulties Expert Expert+
115 5

Mapper: noxn Birthday map! Happy birthday cucu4deeznuts! Salami Mami told me how much you wanted this song mapped in Beat Saber and she helped make it happen in time for your birthday this yea…


Yellowcard – Way Away

Difficulties Expert+
70 3

Mapper: amuga This map is a bit of a blast from the past for me, got introduced to this song when my buddy showed me his Counter Strike :Source frag montage back when it had first come out whe…


PSYQUI – Illuyanka

Difficulties Expert+
3 0

Mapper: nolan121405 probably the hardest serious map I’ve ever made many things are experimental so DM on discord @nolanLMOA#0001 for any discrepancies, thanks good luck with this slider hell 🙂



Difficulties Expert Expert+
1 2

Mapper: binginatorv2 weird easy vibro expert+: normal expert: nerfed