I’ve Had Enough of You

Difficulties Expert Expert+
31 3

Mapper: matt Woah, a map with two difficulties? Wac. Anyway descriptions of both: Dance Time – The lighter of the difficulties, uses some less standard patterns, I tried to emulate a cou…


Engineer Hey Ya

Difficulties Expert+
32 46



xi – Blue Zenith

Difficulties Expert+
11 7

Mapper: ordinary09 i know there are already existing maps for this song, but i tried put my own twist on it where it doesnt only consist of stream patterns. some obscure patterns though. bewar…


Fish V2

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
7 3

Mapper: zardoz_xerxes Length: 4:00 BPM: 107.912 Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, Expert Plus. NPS: 1.28, 2.66, 3.45, 3.88, 5.31 Kudos if you beat Expert Plus! This is an update, I fixed…

Jokidum Jokidum

Still Alive – Portal

Difficulties Easy Expert
1200 28

Mapper: jokidum I’ve wanted to map this song for a while now. And since this one’s probably the last Portal song I’ll map, I gave it my best. P.S. – I’m so glad t…