Slipknot – Orphan

Difficulties Expert+
21 6

Mapper: xelbex Slipknot does NOT have a consistent BPM. There are 31 BPM changes in this track. 90% of them are 2 – .5 differences. end me.…


Keep On Trying

Difficulties Expert
1 0

Mapper: thegoodboi Yes this song is slow. I’m mapping because I like this song. This is also my first attempt at an actual song. (It got play tested and I made several revisions) Anyway, I had f…


Already Dead (prod. deadman) – Lil Boom

Difficulties Expert+
14 17

Mapper: hargby They say first impressions last a life time, just this once can we make an exception to that saying pepeLaff Thanks for testing beanzoop :WidePeepoHappy3: Harbgy#1111 if you wanna tell …


Here We Go

Difficulties Expert+
6 6

Mapper: wh4t Another The Quick Brown Fox map cuz there really isnt much out there except for break lol BPM: 200 Song Link: Hope you enjoy (WDG_MID) !…


soupandreas – JSYK [V2]

Difficulties Expert+
1 2

Mapper: zennysama Difficulties: Expert+ Length: 2:52 BPM: 170 NoteJumpSpeed: 20 Notes: This is a re-upload from my old account (zensaber777) with some minor fixes and less obnoxious lighting. Big than…