kiwi bean

Velvet Pony

Difficulties Hard
0 0

Mapper: kiwi bean Standard/Hard difficulty. First beat-map: may be awful. Edited many times for improvement. Enjoy.


Love Is Gone – Slander

Difficulties Expert
4 2

Mapper: vanhalenunreal A song that deserves to be mapped. One crazy drop and one crazy build up. My first time mapping, so feedback is appreciated. I tried to balance things towards my difficu…


Saw Saw t+pazolite

Difficulties Expert+
1 2

Mapper: lonely I am so sorry, don’t even try to beat this it is not worth it D: However it may be possible 😉



Difficulties Expert
14 1

Mapper: darkswitchpro50 Original made for a challenge in my discord server


Outer Wilds OST: Travelers

Difficulties Hard
4 2

Mapper: wizardwand101 Outer Wilds by Mobius Digital is a heavily underrated game with an amazing soundtrack! I highly recommend that you check the game out.