When Toe Hit Rock Little Lag

Difficulties Expert+
5 1

Mapper: masta The first one was too laggy, so I made this. Slicing the notes may crash the level. Check out song creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBekmjB5Kf89iiLaoGMYf5w SUB 2 HIM HE COOL


OH MY GIRL – Nonstop

Difficulties Expert+
7 10

Mapper: yerinbuddies My 1st map so honest feedback would be appreciated For any issues contact me on Discord @Yerinbuddies#5046 Expert + Only

Joetastic Dubstep

Rejoin – Mantlegen

Difficulties Expert+
22 3

Mapper: joetastic Lots of sliders in this one Music video: Rejoin is a Dubstep Mashup done by Mantlegen. http://youtube.com/c/mantlegen http://mantlegen.bandcamp.com Map comes in FitBit enviro…