Plug In Baby – Muse

Difficulties Expert
92 8

Mapper: demontony360 Mapping by DemonTony360 Lightning by DemonTony360 BPM = 136, NJS = 16 Difficulty between Expert and ExpertPlus. My Twitch:…


sasakure.UK – Love Blossoming Flower* feat. mirto

Difficulties Expert+
5 0

Mapper: saitojunko 今回はVtuber界で最強のBeat Saberランカーのとんすさんと共同で譜面を作りました > This work is a collaboration with Ranker and VTuber’s “Tons” “Tons”…


Euphoria – Geoxor

Difficulties Expert+
66 2

Mapper: xscaramouche Euphoria – Geoxor Something of a departure from what I usually map, but I wanted to try something more chill. (and maybe clickbaity >.<) More JOYRYDE and Skrill coming…