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The Ultimate osu! to Audica Converter

We’ve had rhythm game map converters before, but… they usually aren’t very good. The first full-length custom song ever for Beat Saber was actually the output of a test osu! to Beat Saber converter, but… the map was pretty bad. Converters are usually more useful as tools for mappers to gain a solid starting point to further map from, not for producing a map ready to play. (btw, if you don’t know what osu! is, it’s one of the largest rhythm games with millions of players and a massive mapping community)

Zerny and October changed what can be expected from a converted map after spending months building the ultimate osu! to Audica converter

Instead of trying to map things 1:1 between the two games, Zerny created and applied some very complex algorithms to how parts of a map are translated. The results are absolutely amazing!

In fact, I let a couple regular Audica players play a 100% converted osu! map in Audica and they couldn’t even tell that it was converted!

This is quite a game-changer for people wanting to play specific songs. There’s hundreds of fantastic Audica custom songs, but a million+ osu! maps. Being able to think up about any song in the world and find a map that someone spent many hours hand mapping it is quite amazing for any rhythm game fan.

I personally have never been a huge osu! fan, but have been having an absolute blast playing hundreds of converted maps in VR with Audica.


To get started, download the converter here!


Modding Community

Get help with the converter, share maps and join an amazing community of fellow players in the Audica Modding Discord

Click here to read a technical writeup of how it works and how some of the algorithms were created.

Click here to donate to Zerny to thank him for months of blood sweat and tears creating this

Learn more about Audica modding here

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  1. Moreline says:

    Does it work on Quest 2?

    1. Zerny says:

      The converter is a stand-alone application that needs to be run on a PC to convert osu! maps to Audica maps. These converted maps then works like any other Audica custom maps, and can be loaded and played on Quest/Quest 2, which support custom songs natively without any modding required.

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