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Beat Saber Update Soon (New Official Maps Coming)

Nov 22, 2018 Official Announcement:

Dear players,

We know there was no update in a while but we have been working on the game as a whole a lot!

The team has been adding, improving, and optimizing many aspects in the game. Yes, it took us a while but we are now almost done and ready to share with you the new PC update. When? Within upcoming days!

What’s coming?

  • Expert+ levels
  • New modifiers
  • Lights optimisation
  • New sabers
  • Practice mode
  • Optimised game performance
  • Improved graphics
  • Player statistics
  • And more!

We are now fully back on track with PC development and super excited to bring you all the stuff we have been working on lately.

In the meantime, you can watch our first Q&A stream ever. We know we are far away from any professional streamers. For sure, it was a bit awkward sometimes, but we had fun and it was great to answer your questions! In the stream, we were talking about Beat Saber, our past steps, future plans, road map, and much more (like schnitzels and stuff…:D).


We would like to thank you for your never ending patience and excitement. It’s so amazing to see how supportive you are – even if some steps took our tiny indie game studio from Prague a little longer than expected.

ALSO: If you like Beat Saber a lot, you can nominate us in The Steam Awards – find the nomination button on our profile -> VISIT OUR PROFILE

THANK YOU and we will be back with the update within few days!

Beat Saber team <3

Nov 20, 2018 Stream:

Today, we got our first glimpse of what’s coming out soon officially for Beat Saber. We had a special opportunity to ask the game devs anything we wanted about Beat Saber (past, present and future) in a live Q&A session and the updates they shared with us are pretty exciting!

The interview is over an hour and a half long. If you don’t have time to watch it, get the highlights here.

TL:DR of the Q&AA highlights: They’ve been working extremely hard to do a lot of things we might not notice behind the scenes.

  1. New Maps: They have plans to release at least 30+ songs for free. They also have plans to release 3 upcoming map packs at $9.99 for each pack of 10 songs. They did seem like they wanted to continue to produce free songs. When asked “can we expect to have at least 33 free songs in the game (I’m guessing this includes the base 11 songs already in the game), Jaraslov Beck’s answer was “Oh yeah, a lot more than that.” “A lot more free songs?” “Yes, definitely”. One thing they talked about doing in the paid packs is having certain aesthetics change in each pack (maybe different lighting or a platform or something) on a k-pop map pack, etc. They did talk a bit about the frustrations of some of the copyright issues involved with getting music included in a game. They did try to work out a Spotify solution that didn’t end up working legally. Some people ask about game crossover like Tetris VR songs being playable as Beat Saber songs. They mentioned that they are currently working with a few other game studios to do some crossover songs.
  2. Game modifiers: (see this video for a preview). These modifiers affect scores in similar ways of other rhythm games. There will be two scoreboards, one that’s of vanilla scores and the other that shows scores with modifiers. There’s currently 8 modifiers (1. Insta Fail – every mistake will cause instant level fail. 2. Battery Energy – You can make just a fixed amount of mistakes 3. Disappearing Arrows – Arrows on the cubes will disappear before they reach you 4. Faster Song – Song will play faster 5. No Fail – Bad cuts, misses or hitting an obstacle with your head will not deplete your energy bar 6. No obstacles – there will be no obstacles in the level. 7 No Bombs – There will be no bombs in the level 8. Slower Song – Song will play slower.) They have at least 5 more modifiers planned that they said were things you could only really do in VR. The multipliers on scores may need to be tweaked, so these may not initially be used competitively. They also have a “Pro” modifier planned that requires a different level of accuracy with your hits. They also mentioned that they have plans of doing power ups in game in a mode, but that will be after version 1.0 is released.
  3. PSVR Custom Songs: This question was asked a lot. They are aware of games like Harmonix Music being able to load games with an external HDD, but is ultimately up to Sony and the record labels they are working with. They said technically, this would be easy to do, but whether Sony would want that or not remains to be seen.
  4. PC Performance: They said with the PSVR version, they didn’t want to compromise at all on anything visually. In creating a more optimized version of Beat Saber, they were able to get the normal PS4 version to run at 1.4 SS and the Pro at 2 (iirc). They said the new version coming out for PC in the next week or two will have all these optimizations and should run quite a bit better on lower end hardware and higher end with no degradation of visual quality (in fact, in some ways, a visual boost).
  5. Oculus Quest: They didn’t conform or deny it, only restating that their goal is to get Beat Saber on as many platforms as possible. They talked about mobile and Nintendo Switch versions and just said they couldn’t do those now because it would require the game to be changed drastically and it’s important that the platform that they port it to works the way the game was made to play in.
  6. Multiplayer & Level Editor: They talked about the importance of mixed reality in showing off VR and accredited that to mixed reality videos. They said multiplayer and the official level editor is still very much a thing coming soon and were only held up with finishing the PSVR version before they could finish it. They joked and said that Ikeiwa’s third party level editor was quite a bit better than there’s initially and that’s why they didn’t release their alpha version they teased with initially. This gave them time to work on it more to become a complete app. They said the editor is now completely done and now they just need to finish coding a way for customs to officially be imported in the game (along with a new leaderboard that handles customs). They said that scores will not be overwritten, but rather merged with the new system (along with the new system that supports modifiers). Relating to multiplayer, they talked about how they’re working on game avatars so you can see each other in multiplayer and a third person view on the screen. They said this feature would probably only be on the PSVR Pro and PC versions as it uses more power to process the two views (but will still be used for multiplayer on all versions)
  7. More Difficulties: For experienced players, they said they’ll be adding Expert + modes to all the original songs.
  8. The Future of Beat Saber: They hinted to a lot of future plans for the game and just said they’ve been absolutely honored by the fan support for the game. They made sure to say even if they don’t have time to reply to messages in Reddit, Discord, & other social media sites, they are reading them all and reading your comments and really appreciate them.

There’s a lot I left out of this quick TL;DR, if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask it and I’ll let you know if / how they responded to it!

Comments (9)
  1. Guillaume Brisson says:

    GRRR J’ai perdu tout mes chancon addé (I have lost all of my song adder 175 song fine beautifull :/ 🙁 How have fun with the song basicely in this game… 🙁 grrrrrrrrrrr

    1. elliotttate says:

      Yeah, you’ll have to reinstall the mod installer and then you should get them back! (we’re still updating certain mods, so they’re not all available yet)

  2. Guillaume Brisson says:

    at the moment i see all of my song not there… i have close the game. you know…if i’m not the only one with adder song…not the only one can close this game

    1. Guillaume Brisson says:

      ho thanks you !! 🙂 i was scared 😛

      1. elliotttate says:

        No problem! Find me on Discord if you still need help!

  3. Hart71 says:

    Got my songs back but my scores are all gone and if I try playing custom songs no score is recorded. Will this get fixed or is this situation permanent?

    1. DarkCollider says:

      Scoresaber for custom songs is back, but the devs wiped the scores on the OST songs 🙁

  4. JJ says:

    Hello, is it possible to download custom songs onto PSVR as I have been searching for a while and have had no luck with results

    If anyone has any idea please get back to me or just email me –
    [email protected]


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