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How To Install Custom Songs & Mods On Beat Saber For Oculus Quest


How To Install Custom Songs

SideQuest & BMBF

One of the easiest way to get going is to download SideQuest here

SideQuest is extremely easy to use and supports Windows, Mac and Linux! Think of SideQuest as the “Alternative App Store.” It also makes sideloading apps from APK’s very easy to install.


To request new features or get help, join the SideQuest Discord here or open an issue on Github

Once you have SideQuest installed, you’ll need to install BMBF.

The Unicorns have been hard at work once again, and bring us BMBF for the latest Beat Saber! We at the BSMG have reviewed the source and can confirm it’s 100% safe.
They’ve informed us that this version has a few quirks, so make sure you follow these instructions carefully:
  1. Make sure to run Beat Saber UNMODDED FIRST.
  2. Then install BMBF. Do this by dragging and dropping the BMBF APK file on the top left corner of Sidequest.
  3. After that, you have to grant Beat Saber storage permissions manually on your Quest:
  • Go to Library
  • Find Beat Saber, but don’t open it
  • Click the 3 dots on the bottom right of the icon
  • Find Permissions
  • Enable the Storage Permission in this menu If you get the permissions prompt while trying to open BMBF, you’ll have to restart your Quest.

Download BMBF

You can find the BMBF release here for Beat Saber

To install, simply drag it into Sidequest, then launch it from within the TV app on your Quest. BMBF will prompt you through a couple steps and get you all setup to get started!

If you want more guidance, watch one of the fantastic tutorials here:



For a fantastic written guide, visit our friends at 6DOFReviews.com!

Managing BMBF on your PC (optional)

To view BMBF on your PC or Mac and manage your songs and mods there, type in  your Quest’s IP address along with :50000 at the end. Example:

To find your Quest’s IP, you can look at the top of Sidequest.

Downloading Mods

There’s a lot of mods to do really fantastic things that you can find in the #quest-mods section of our BSMG Discord. One of the most useful ones is the “mapping extension” mod by Kyle. Many songs were mapped with this in mind and won’t work unless you install it.

To install mods, either click on the mod download links below from within BMBF, then toggle it on in the BMBF mod section or download it on your PC and drag it into BMBF (See “Managing BMBF On Your PC” above)


Mapping Extension Mod

Download the Mapping Extension mod here

Read the Readme here

Simply drag that into BMBF (or click on the above link from within BMBF) and enable it in the mods section.




– Being able to disable and enable things with config!

– What you can enable and disable:

– Saber Glow

– Wall Transparrency

– Wall Glow

– decrease or increase particles to be between 0 to 50 when cutting a cube!

Known bugs:

Wall frame doesn’t get a color

How do I change the settings?

First time after you have opened Beat Saber with QSettingsPlus it will create a config!

You can find the config in Quest → Android → data → com.beatgames.beatsaber → files → mod_cfgs

You open QSettingsPlus.Json in preferred text editor

and change example GlowOnWalls to be “true” if you want the glow back.

When you want to save you do file → save as and choose a place like desktop and save it as QSettingsPlus.json

Now you would want to drag it over to mod_cfgs to overwrite the current one that’s created!



PC Burn Marks Mod v1.0.0

This mod enables the ‘Burn Marks’ found on the PC and PSVR versions of the game. WARNING Enabling any unused game options could cause your game to lag.



NoteSpawnEffectRemover v0.1.0

What does it do? – Removes the note spawn effect. You know what I’m talking about. The code for this mod is literally 15 lines long (and that’s with comments and explanations) so it’s not on GitHub yet because I am too lazy to either make a new repo or a new project folder just for one mod (forgive me). If you want to see the source code, just DM me and I’ll send you literally all of it, lol. Happy Holidays everyone!



FPS Counter v1.0.0

What does it do? It enables Frames Per Second counter in standard + 360 levels. It counts lowest fps, highest fps and current fps. This was inside of an performance test, but now with this mod it’s enabled on all levels. Hit me a dm with feedback! Github: https://github.com/Rugtveit/Beatsaber-mods/tree/master/Quest/FpsCounter


No Health and Safety v1.0.0

This mod skips over the health and safety on startup! Source code will be available later on github! reupload because zip file was corrupted



Advanced Config v0.1.1 for BeatSaber 1.6.0

Want a mod which violates god? ME TOO! Here you go, have advanced config. What does it do I hear no one ask? – Change your Slash Volume (Ive not set a limit, go crazy! just dont break your headset) – Change your Bad Cut Volume (0.0 Means the Bad Cut/Bomb Sound gets completely muted. no seriously don’t blame me if you set it to 1000.0 and break your headset, there could be a base game limit tho.) – Disable the new Adaptive SFX (This is a port of Shadnix’s AdaptiveSFXRemover v1.0.1, I genuinely don’t know if it works or not as my ears aren’t good enough to tell. Please message me Pink#3877 if it works or not) – Disable the Flashing E on the ‘Beat Saber’ Sign in menus – Disable the ‘Flying Score Effect’ (The 1-115 Numbers which show up after you slash a note) – Change the Overall Menu Volume (Doesn’t effect the click sound, but every other sound in the menu changes to whatever you set. like genuinely don’t break your headset) – Updated to the latest BS Hook THIS MOD DOESNT HAVE ANY UI! To change all of these values, you must edit its config file which is located in

This PC\Quest\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.beatgames.beatsaber\files\mod_cfgs\AdvancedConfig.json

Config options are below and are pretty self explanatory. Thanks to Rugtveit and Sc2ad for letting me cry to them when stuff didn’t work



OSU Click Note Hit Sound v1.1.0!

1.6.0 Now makes your blocks and menu clicky!



Easily Download Songs From Bsaber using SyncSaber / BeatSync

BeatSync is the ultimate plugin for getting amazing new Beat Saber songs to play. It’s built into BMBF and allows you to:

  1. Magically send any song from bsaber.com to your game with a single click of a button (and from any device, whether that’s from your phone, your work computer, the library, etc.)
  2. Follow mappers you enjoy and automatically have it download new maps of theirs when they release them
  3. Keep your songs up to date! If a mapper updates one of your maps, SyncSaber fetches the update and lets you play with the latest and greatest.
  4. Create playlists from your bsaber favorites to share with others.
Comments (78)
  1. This is so amazing! I knew custom songs would come to the Quest, but certainly didn’t expect them this quickly! The modders – all of them – are just amazing, putting in so much time and effort just to benefit the rest of us! Did you know you can donate to the modders? Check it out over on the Beat Saber Modding Group discord!

    1. Bennett H says:

      Even though I don’t have a quest It’s still pretty amazing how fast the beat saber mod devs are. There are so many useful mods and everything is quickly updated. It’s especially impressive for a vr game.

    2. robert says:

      Hi you know where we can request a song to be mapped,. Alan Walker 135. Thanks

  2. baxter395 says:

    This is beyond amazing!

    1. Hvirin says:

      Hi Baxter!
      Thank you for your maps and sorry for asking, but I really like your coldplay map (“something just like this”). Unfortunately, after the site update, I cannot find your version anymore :(. Do you happen to know why? Because it really is a shame that it isn’t here anymore :(((

  3. baxter395 says:

    The Nintendo of VR has arrived.

    1. rodent says:

      but nintendo labo vr flopped

      1. captasti says:

        … so what??

  4. Wouter says:

    Does this method still work after Oculus’ policy update?

  5. yukine9673 says:

    sorry please upload newest mapping extensions downloading URL? i bought bs yesterday and tried to install mods andcustom songs but above url that for bs ver1.5.0 so i hope uploading for newcomer or new bs ver

  6. Dan says:

    Does this still work after all the changes with the Panic at the disco update?
    This was my single reason to get a quest. Otherwise I’ll just stay with my vive and custom beat saber songs on PC.

  7. Justin says:

    I need help. I keep trying to sync songs but it keeps telling me i have the wrong beat saber version. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and still i get this error. Please help me with this. Thanks

    1. Justin says:

      Ok sorry everybody. I got the problem fixed and the song transferring is working great. I just had to reinstall the program on the computer from scratch and now it works great. Thankyou and i will be supporting this group.

  8. Jules lewis says:

    Can I pay someone to put my ministry songs as custom songs? I am extremely willing to pay and keep supporting financially just to have my ministry songs on BeatSaber.

    1. Colleen Williams says:

      Me, too. I’m dying to play to Amerikkkant and KEAH.

  9. Avi Bouhadana says:

    Does BMBF support latest version of Beat Saber?

  10. Linus says:

    Awesome! Thanks to all people making this possible for us.

  11. TaiShu says:

    Hey Brian. How did you manage to get the 100k contest playlist and others uploaded to the Quest? Is it a piece by piece approach or is there a “the whole playlist at once” approach?

  12. Bret Neiderman says:

    My install failed with Sidequest.

    Got this error:

    System.IO.InvalidDataException: End of Central Directory record could not be found. at System.IO.Compression.ZipArchive.ReadEndOfCentralDirectory() at System.IO

    1. Seth says:

      Same. Did you find a fix?

      1. elliotttate says:

        I saw someone mention that here: https://www.reddit.com/r/OculusQuest/comments/bwes82/sidequest_with_bsabercom_support_is_out/

        Can you try the latest update to see if that fixed it?

    2. Andrew says:

      Hey there,
      I also had the same issue. I followed the instructions step by step and kept getting the same error message. I tried it again with only one song and it worked! No error message. I then added a few more songs each time, and it worked great. I was initially trying to send over 36 songs on first shot — maybe that’s why it was giving me that message?? Whatever the case may be, I tried with one, worked great, and now I have over 50+ songs sent over to the Quest. Yay!!!

      1. JoeyCM says:

        I am willing to pay someone to call me and walk me through this step by step. I’m reading all the info here and it has got me very confused. This is for my son

  13. James says:

    Same error here:

    End of Central Directory record could not be found

    Any advice?

  14. Anon says:

    I found the answer on a reddit post so I thought I’d come back and let everyone know here as well.


    had this problem and managed to fix it using a solution mentioned on the discourse server.

    Open the backups page, and click the button to select a new base apk. Then navigate to and select the beatsaber backup file you created before attempting to sync, which should located in c:/users//appdata/roaming/sidequest/beatsaber backups (something like that).

    After setting this as your base apk, try to sync the songs again. It will fail and give you the same error, but this time click the button to “reset to base apk”. Before, this function wouldn’t work, but now having selected the backup file as your base apk, it’ll work. When it finishes, try again to sync the songs. This time the patching process should succeed, and allow you to install the patched apk.

    I think this error everyone is getting has to do with the program not recognizing where the base apk is for it to patch.

    Let me know if this works for you.

  15. chris cranford says:

    hi im chris i just downloaded sidequest and a pparently there was an update for beatsaber and when i try to sent the songs i got yo the quest it says we are working on an update do i have to reinstall this again to the latest version or will the update appear on the sidequest app

    1. JaaayTk says:

      I’m having the same problem. I’ve fully updated and have done as said in the instructions and for some reason it says on the bottom left of sidequest that “we are rolling out with a new beatsaver update” and that downloading is disabled. I’ve tried redownloading everything and it does not fix it.

      1. lolroflbbq says:

        I’m having the same issue today, I’m hoping as they said in their update that the site will be up again today and it’ll be working again, finally got the damn thing to work yesterday right before the site update then it went down for the update and couldn’t add anymore songs lol. I was sad. I’ve also updated to the latest version this morning and downloaded the latest patch through the app but now when you try to add a song it just gets stuck on adding song to your library.

  16. lolroflbbq says:

    Can anyone help since the site update yesterday everytime I try to add a song in the app it just sits there and spins on ‘Saving to my Custom Levels’ is this because I’m doing something wrong? I downloaded the patch. Is it because the sites being updated?

  17. 8bitninja says:

    Im having trouble previewing songs on the site. Keep getting “zip requires CORS headers” error message.
    Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

  18. CheapAF says:

    Do you need to purchase the full game to sideload custom tracks, or can you do so with just the demo?

  19. lethe300 says:


    Many thanks to all the things you do to have custom songs available for Oculus Quest!

    I am having trouble detecting my Quest device with SideQuest. Meanwhile my computer recognize it, but sidequest does not…no matter how many times I disconnect and reconnect it and allow computer to read it. Any suggestions?


  20. Jowwn says:

    Hello, I’m trying to install BMBF on my Quest, I followed the tutorial of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpLQ2yXhwsA
    but that does not seem to work. In loading configuration (3min12 of the video), it gives me and error saying “Something has gone wrong” and “BMBF can not function. Try Reset Assets in the tool menu. “But I cant find reset assets. Can you help me?

    1. deconomist says:

      I am having this same exact issue and cannot get BMBF to work. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    2. Mike says:

      Same issue here, I started to have this same error message after I installed the latest Beat Saber from oculus store.

  21. Ryan says:

    I have the BMBF app on the Quest but it keeps saying it takes 5-90 seconds to load everytime I go into the app. I waited more than 5 minutes and it still never loaded up. Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. Rackslash says:

      Same problem here

  22. The official place to get SideQuest is
    Which comes with proper install instructions unlike the GitHub and it is easier for users to see which one they need to install.

    1. Dan says:

      lots of info on sideloading but I don’t see even a mention of beat saber.

  23. ouweRammer says:

    Besides the installation instructions, can we get some upgrade instructions as well?
    It all worked out in the end, but I ended up installing BS 6 times before I got it all going as it should.

  24. beater123 says:

    Does this still work with the update that came today. 13.12.2019?
    i cant update beat saber so i guess i need uninstall first. but am i going to lose custom song ability?

  25. numnums says:

    any chance on making a mod to easily install custom sabers directly on the quest?

  26. Hunter says:

    Hi there! I have followed all of the steps, but after the modded version of beatsaber is downloaded three dots show up and after a few minutes a black screen appears. Before and after downloading songs this issue is still there. I also do have the storage permissions on for beatsaber and I have redownloaded everything from scratch again. Please if anyone finds a fix for this lmk!

  27. Bret Neiderman says:

    Oops not the entire error: This is the entire error.

    System.IO.InvalidDataException: End of Central Directory record could not be found. at System.IO.Compression.ZipArchive.ReadEndOfCentralDirectory() at System.IO.Compression.ZipArchive.Init(Stream stream, ZipArchiveMode mode, Boolean leaveOpen) at System.IO.Compression.ZipArchive..ctor(Stream stream, ZipArchiveMode mode, Boolean leaveOpen, Encoding entryNameEncoding) at System.IO.Compression.ZipFile.Open(String archiveFileName, ZipArchiveMode mode, Encoding entryNameEncoding) at jsonApp.Program.RunInvocation(Invocation inv) in C:\projects\QuestSaberPatch\jsonApp\Program.cs:line 60, Error: /data/local/tmp/_stream.apk could not be installed [INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_UNEXPECTED_EXCEPTION: Failed to parse /data/app/vmdl963894843.tmp/base.apk: AndroidManifest.xml]

    1. Seth says:

      Same. Did you ever figure this out?

  28. Anthony Price says:

    Any news on a new version of the Quest Song Loader by Nyan Blade? It’s only been a day since I updated Beat Saber and I’m missing it like crazy!!! I have also started making my own maps and want to test my first one 😁

    1. elliotttate says:

      Nyan’s hasn’t been updated yet, but have you tried SideQuest yet?

  29. Tower72 says:

    Looking at the underlined list for the text variables, clicking it does nothing at all, is it supposed to be a link? Wanted to change some things but the list doesnt open.

  30. Phil says:

    Hey there!

    Buying a Quest just for this. Is there any way of using the easy method through side quest to install songs downloaded from Beat Saver? There are songs on that site I would like to try but the tutorial doesn’t show how to do that? I am sure it is going to be something stupid like dragging and dropping something into a folder but any help would be greatly appreciated!

  31. ThroChainWinLane says:

    The only reason i was holding back on getting a quest was the lack of custom songs

    I guess now I have everything I need

  32. Amit says:

    I tried 6 times and it does not work when I tries to play beat saber than it saing that it has a update and if I say yes ut stop the hole system

  33. Daniel Bruch says:

    I’ve got it running. But is it possible to save the score in custom beat saber songs, which i’ve imported via SideQuest + Beat On?

    My version doens’t count any scores. I’ve bought an original copy of the game. Thanks for your help!

  34. Samuel Baker says:

    Hello! I’m having SERIOUS problems with Beat Saber and really hoping someone in this awesome community can help. First of all, I haven’t turned my VR on in about 4-5 months. When I tried it again, Beat Saber is seemingly having numerous problems. The problems include not being able to select anything in the menu other than SPECIFIC elements like mods and scoreboards. If I try to start the game on Solo or Campaign, it will act like it’s clicking but not do anything. It’s not hardware–checked other games. What’s weird is after multiple restarts sometimes I get into a song. But then EVERY time my Sabre goes right through the notes with no contact–similar to the bug that happened waaay earlier if you tried playing after an update with mods installed. I’ve tried reinstalling entirely. I’ve tried deleting the Hyperbolic Magnetism folder in AppData. I just now tried turning on the Beta in the game properties–but too exhausted to keep troubleshooting. Will the Beta toggle have done it? Is there anything else I can try? AM I NEVER PLAYING BEAT SABRE AGAIN? (feelsbadman)

  35. Magnus Ravn says:

    When i pressed “install BMBF” it uninstalled Beat Saber, and reset all of my progress! WTF, you did´ not mention this!

  36. Will Kriski says:

    You need to install the bmbf app and launcher to get it to work. I had originally just installed the launcher but it keeps crashing if you do that.

  37. choice2099 says:

    is it possible to load in more than 200 custom songs? i looked back and 4 months ago it was possible to load about 300.

    im using syncsaber

  38. Janene R says:

    I’ve gone through this tutorial and updated everything, but when I try to download a song on my computer, I get an error that I don’t have BeatOn installed? I’d rather browse songs on my computer.

  39. shawn says:

    my songs show up with the new update but I cant play them it just has the loading screen icon and doesn’t load.

    1. Prem says:

      Same here, any thought how to fix?

      1. Yogin says:

        Same issue. I tried using the tools in BMBF to fix it and it just still spins like it is loading when selecting the custom songs…

        1. Zenitsu says:

          Doesn’t work for me either, does it still not work you any of you either?

  40. Richard Garabedian says:

    No fix yet after 360 degreee update? I really dislike the 360 songs and now cant play custom levels

  41. avia says:

    There’s any way do download custom songs from my PC and sync them to my oculus quest? the BMBF is cool, but it more easy to me to use my pc.

  42. Dave says:

    This is great, thank you. Just a word of warning to other thought – you will lose you current scores in party mode. My family weren’t best impressed 😀

  43. Tobias says:

    Nach installierten des BMBF und Songs synchronisiert starten Beat Saber nicht mehr hängt im Lade Bildschirm was kann ich da machen. Mfg

  44. Jimtolate says:

    Is it safe to sideload custom songs with bmbf? Has your headset anything to suffer because you are modding?

  45. Max says:

    Hi! After I did this, everything worked EXCEPT now all of my notes are way off to the left and really low, so I can’t reach or his them. This includes songs that aren’t modded in, help!

  46. MAX says:

    I was successful in putting custom songs in the game,
    I can’t play.
    What is the cause?


  47. mike.haxby says:

    **HELP **

    BMBF Quest’s IP:5000 error

    This was working fine until yesterday evening (2 February 2020) now whenever I put http://IP ADDRESS:50000 I get INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND” or “The remote device or resource won’t accept the connection” (they are essentially the same error). I have tried everything google search can suggest, so wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue? thanks

  48. jadeokaybye says:

    Hello Im having trouble downloading songs, a message pops up saying “404 Not Found” on any song that i try to download, is there any way to fix that?

  49. happyandroid says:

    Great Mod app, thank you for sharing this is an addictive game for me.

  50. davidhill says:

    Thank you for sharing so much. I often download the Mod apk for my mobile phone on Blog: Gameschurch, it’s very easy to install, for more details you learn Here.

  51. cassidyL says:

    bullshit. does not work.

    1. elliotttate says:

      @cassidyl I recommend watching one of those video tutorials. There’s a lot more ways to get songs on your Quest than just with SyncSaber. For SyncSaber to work, you need to enter in your username in BMBF and click the “sync button” after bookmarking songs. You can also just press the download button from BMBF on your Quest and the songs download. Thirdly, you can drag and drop them into BMBF through the web interface as explained in the videos.

      1. cassidyL says:

        Okay weird.

        Well… maybe it was the recent website update or something, but I was able to get it to work after spamming the ‘download’ button enough times from the browser.

        A frustrating experience, but I’m just glad it’s working now.

        ps: Lose Yourself to Dance is really really good.

  52. cassidyL says:

    Oculus Quest user.

    I’ve got SideQuest and BMBF running but this plain just doesn’t work. SyncSaber is trash. Nothing gets added to the Playlists no matter what you click on. This all seems like a really poorly thought out way of adding songs. Nothing downloads from BMBF, basically. Maybe BMBF is broken? This is a really frustrating and poor user experience.

    There needs to be a guide on how to add songs manually via SideQuest because I can download the song zip files manually just fine on my computer, but I don’t know how to get that content from my computer to the Quest in a way that BMBF would understand.

    1. Will Kriski says:

      It actually works great. find a song drag it to your playlist and sync to beat saber. Don’t download the song from your computer do it in the BMBF launcher inside the Quest.


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