C’est La Vie

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
24 3

Mapper: Klexx Normal, Hard, Expert easy/medium/hard/expert; This song/map is peppy and fun. Each level builds on the one before, so if it’s too tough, try one difficulty lower until you get the …


Chirality – Camelia

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
3 15

Mapper: ayylmao Chirality – Camelia, Definitely super proud of this map, had lots of fun and thought it was well done, the difficulties are all a little bit hard than meant to be besides expert …

tehreapre Mashup

Tricky Sandman (mashup)

Difficulties Normal Hard
12 0

Mapper: tehreapre Normal I’m a huge fan of mashups and off-genre covers. Since nobody else out there seemed to be mapping my favorite ones, I decided I had to do it myself. All song credit goes …

SaltyStranger Pop Rap

Wow Wow V2

Difficulties Normal Hard
27 2

Fantastically fun map! The groove under Will Smith’s vocals makes it hard not to start dancing to. The patterns aren’t anything fancy, but they work well with the song. Neil takes the vocals from Will…