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  • Xander

    2 years, 10 months ago
    When I downloaded BeatDrop, I put in the correct folder for where I intalled BeatSaber, but all of my songs in the “My Songs” section, say: “Incorrect File/Folder Name” Can Anybody Help me?
    • @xander Sorry! I missed seeing this! Did you ever get it fixed? It’ll say this if you are using the old discontinued folder structure. Try renaming your “CustomSongs” folder to “CustomSongsOld,” create a new “CustomSongs” folder and try downloadng some songs freshly like that. That error should go away and you can see how the new folder structure works. Hope that helps!

      • Yeah I did fix it. What I did was just copy all of the songs I had. delete the custom songs folder, make a new custom songs folder, and put the songs back in.

        • Okay, glad you got it!

        • @xander so how exactly did you do it? I just coppied all of the folders in the CustomSongs folder and Pasted them onto a new CustomSongs folder I made and deleted the original. Everything is exactly the same.

          • @acherem13 Do your folder have the songID’s in them? Should say 2732-1853, then within that folder should be your song name. Something like that. If not, go in explorer and select all the song folders, copy that to the clipboard and send it to me. I can generate a playlist from that list and you can just hit download and it will download it in the correct format.

            • Somebody else on the discord actually helped me figurte it out. the problem was that some folders just had the names and no song ID’s. I just had to delete those and redownload them via the Beatdrop app. Previously I was using the Beatsaver Mod Manger.

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