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かめりあ – ヒアソビ feat. 初音ミク / Camellia – Play With Fire (Hiasobi) feat. Hatsune Miku

Mapper: kanahebi255かめりあ - ヒアソビ (feat. 初音ミク) 【Electroswing】 for JBSL map Mod by okazu emir

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yaseta – Act on Electro2

Mapper: Yaominelectro!

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Carnival Happy – Kairiki Bear (Tech)

Mapper: Emir

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owl*tree feat.chi*tree – Valsqotch

Mapper: kanahebi255竹にゃんとの合作です! Thank you, take_nyan! take_nyan's map Easy - Kanahebi Normal - take_nyan Hard - Kanahebi Expert - take_nyan Expert+ - Kanahebi & take_nyan

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The 90’s Decision – MYUKKE.

Mapper: That_NarwhalWeekly map #2 Silly slow tech! FOR RANK !!!!!!! Mostly just a banger song with some fun movements to match its groovy's Added -Easy-Hard -Adjustments for ranked!!! ENJOY!!!!

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DECO*27 – Salamander/サラマンダー Feat. Hatsune Miku

Mapper: Fefy【Preview】

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GHOST KINGDOM – BEMANI Sound Team “劇団レコード”

Mapper: uhyoch7th for Standard or Feet Saber??? Video: My Twitter: [email protected]

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Harris & Ford x Maxim Schunk x Hard But Crazy – Checkmate

Mapper: AliceLights by Lolighter. Map requested by Weapon Monkey Preview: Send feedback to me through Twitch or Twitter

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KatagiriRekka – Answer

Mapper: komeijisan051Thanks for request! This map is Request map.

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Mapper: That_Narwhal FINALLY GOT THIS MODDED WOOOO Thanks for the lights Alice <3 Video of the map: reup #5: Rank time! -changed njs to 18.5 and its now...

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[o!mem]Highscore – Panda Eyes & Teminite[R]

Mapper: That_Narwhal I think one of my best maps to date. Changed my mapping mindset forever and I like it a lot more. Thanks a lot...

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[⭐] DECO*27 – The Vampire (feat. Hatsune Miku) (Chroma)

Mapper: AliceDance tech map, is going for rank. Has full chroma lighting on Kaleidoscope. Thanks to Uninstaller for modding! Preview: ExpertPlus: Send feedback to me through Twitch...

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Mapper: Mystikmol3rd time mapping is the charm LMAO going for rank! Finally ranked! (5 difficulties included) Amazing lights by Moriik! He did these lights years ago...

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(K)NoW_NAME – Knew day (Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash OP)

Mapper: DackTwitter:

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Camellia feat. Nanahira – Bassline Yatteru W

Mapper: JoshabiFrom the Album: 4orce | Force Bassline Yatteru Fu Brand new collaboration map with Altrewin for the song Bassline Yatteru Featuring a guest tech difficulty from...

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