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    Lonely God – DAOKO

    Mapper: KolezanSong ID: 13418BeatSaver PageDifficulties: ExpertPlus, Expert, Hard, Normal, EasyDownloadDAOKO's Lonely God (Samishii Kamisama) is one of three songs featured in the anime short...

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    Black Smoke Rising – Greta Van Fleet V2

    Mapper: Patrick45Song ID: 13417BeatSaver PageDifficulties: NormalDownloadV2

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    Omoi – If You’re Gonna Jump

    Mapper: cheesydreamSong ID: 13415BeatSaver PageDifficulties: ExpertPlusDownloadbasically just snow drive but more jumps cheesydream#0001

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    LOUDER [BanG Dream! Soundtrack] – Roselia

    Mapper: JoetasticSong ID: 13414BeatSaver PageDifficulties: ExpertPlus, Expert, HardDownloadLOUDER is the coupling track of Roselia's first single, BLACK SHOUT. The song is written by Oda...

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    Dua Lipa – Swan Song (From Alita: Battle Angel)

    Mapper: SergeantPyrexSong ID: 13413BeatSaver PageDifficulties: ExpertDownloadMy first beat map so go easy on me d:

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    Steerner – Blue

    Mapper: Halcyon12Song ID: 13412BeatSaver PageDifficulties: ExpertDownloadBPM: 128 Difficulties: Expert

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    super tornado (test)

    Mapper: WaterBottle7Song ID: 13411BeatSaver PageDifficulties: ExpertPlusDownload

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    Super Mario World (Athletic)

    Mapper: KaloDuadaSong ID: 13410BeatSaver PageDifficulties: Hard, Normal, Easy, ExpertDownload

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    Minesweepa – Nosebleed

    Mapper: KaloDuadaSong ID: 13409BeatSaver PageDifficulties: Hard, Normal, Easy, ExpertDownload

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    Kobaryo – Royal Judgement

    Mapper: nolan121405Song ID: 13408BeatSaver PageDifficulties: ExpertPlus, Expert, HardDownloadOne Hand Jump Map (kinda... really hard) Expert+ is 19 NJS Expert is 18 NJS Hard is...

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    Mapper: misterpsiSong ID: 13406BeatSaver PageDifficulties: ExpertDownloadIt may show some failures... I'll fix it soon!

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    Private Eyes – Hall and Oates

    Mapper: kab355Song ID: 13405BeatSaver PageDifficulties: HardDownload

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    Onward Christian Soldiers

    Mapper: StUkiNtha90sSong ID: 13404BeatSaver PageDifficulties: Easy, NormalDownloadOnward Christian Soldiers by The Cretins, from the movie The R.M.. Great song with some mapping! ...

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    The Star Spangled Banner (Madison Rising)

    Mapper: StUkiNtha90sSong ID: 13403BeatSaver PageDifficulties: EasyDownloadThe best rendition of the famous Star Spangled Banner song. Madison Rising takes on this task and knocks...

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    I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)

    Mapper: StUkiNtha90sSong ID: 13402BeatSaver PageDifficulties: EasyDownloadBringing it back to the 90's with Meat Loaf. Hungry for some awesome mapping?? here ya go!

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