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Urtica_Ferox_ – Digital punk monkey

Mapper: A-PlouVRChallenge map with Loloppe, gallop, double down and a lot of other pattern don't try if you can't do challenge, I warned you Good luck! Contact:...

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Yung Spinach- Video Games

Mapper: gagecorduck

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Between You and Me

Mapper: urki-miitotaly not a shitpost

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Mapper: Monkeoh my god oh my god i did it "rankable" anomaly version (bl, not ss) yes im tryna rank this in bl im so happy

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XH (feat. KYURO3) – kawaii speedcore 654

Mapper: hazelanamso cute uwu attempt at a hard map

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Welcome To LA

Mapper: Coles LogicThis is for me it's alright to give bad rating. It's the first level I've made

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360 Dance!!!

Mapper: Mgk Nominatorsilly little 360 collab between me (mgk) and kalo expert+ is our difs spliced together expert is my dif (silly tech) hard is kalos (silly...

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White Trash Wedding – Dixie Chicks

Mapper: beastie417I had a lot of fun mapping this to all the different instrument solos. I hope you enjoy!

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PIXY – Let Me Know

Mapper: RoyalLemme Lemme Know Boi 😎 Many thanks to minsiii#0007 for feedback Map Preview: Feel free to give feedback Royal#2111

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[Chroma] Insane (BIJOU Remix)- Apashe ft. Tech N9ne

Mapper: FakePopeI just want to say thank you to Exeiron for collaborating with me and agreeing to map the music I enjoy listening to! Please...

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Posin’ (Electro Swing) – Peggy Suave

Mapper: Andynak Suport the artist here:

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Tokyo Tea

Mapper: StealthGiantMosquitooriginal song :

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CS4W – Vintage Light

Mapper: abcbadqjammr

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MIDNIGHT x Vendetta! {Chroma + One Saber Diffs}

Mapper: totallyballoonThanks goodluky for the one saber diffs. kinda a funny map ngl. i should make monthly balloon tech maps a thing

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[Gothic Hardcore Pack] Team Grimoire – TiamaT-F minor -Zeit Ende-

Mapper: ForsenCDPogUThis pack exclusively has Gothic Hardcore/Gothic music. All the maps used Lolilighter with some tweaking. In case you want to contact me for...

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