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Camellia & DJ Genki – Feelin Sky (Camellia’s “200step” Self-remix)

Mapper: RetrXye RetrX#3728 for rnak (this means its will never touch rank)

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Dance Gavin Dance – Inspire The Liars

Mapper: IrishSong Requested by Binter#1337 😀 had small mapping help from @shark720 toward the end feedback is appreciated! send to Irish#5373

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Kelsy Karter – Devil On My Shoulder

Mapper: FatBeanzoopThanks for the help and feedback Olaf you are a lovely individual. Feel free to reach out if you have feedback FatBeanzoop#0401 shoutout to...

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The Only Thing I Know For Real (from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) [In Ranked Queue]

Mapper: TimboPreview: Download Raiden Avatar and HF Blade Sabers: Thanks to RocKz for the mod! Hi Kaey Memories: Broken Truth: Goes unspoken Name: Forgotten Don't know: The season or...

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Looking for Edge of Ground – Camellia

Mapper: ?Notes took something like 45 hours to place, lighting another 20 hours, thank you PixelBoom for all the help with the lights enjoy itttt a...

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Imperial Circus Dead Decadence – Yaba: A Spiral of Sin and Punishment

Mapper: cerretim not sure on the translation tbh. If anyone knows japanese and can translate 夜葉:罪と罰の螺旋――。 let me know pls lol. i spent a whopping...

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Slax – Lovesickore

Mapper: jabobgamingSomewhat midspeed acc practice map nothing special just a banger Star Estimate: 9.8 Alt Title: Dreamcatcher - BEcause (Slax Remix)

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RoughSketch – 666 (Nanodesu’s Elect”6″ Swing Remix)

Mapper: gBitzRN2H map polished up for rank with lowers Custom chroma lights by Luck 😀 Thanks Aimedhades16 for mod <3 also thanks to abc for informal mod...

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Camellia – TremENDouS

Mapper: Nolanimationsfor ronk part 2

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Mapper: CobayoBeautiful song from SDVX :0 Nm - Ex+: Cobayo (Going for ranked) Lawless Ex+: Bitz's and Hades' crazy diff Enjoy B)

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P*Light – Clip it Bro [Ranked]

Mapper: TimboExpert is the map I made a couple of months ago, saw that abc did one too so we collabed. Easy-Expert: Timbo Ex+: abcbadq Now with...

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[Queue] DJ Noriken feat. Kanae Asaba – Turn It Up (Yooh Remix)

Mapper: abcbadqinline i removed a single window you are welcome

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[QUEUE] Stellabee – Ultra Cutie Gangsta

Mapper: nolan121405speed tech tsugihagi suiciders album for rank feedback to nolanLMOA#0001 thanks for the mod thyspoon, we are rank

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Camellia – SUPER Tornado Deluxe

Mapper: Shappyprobably my last big mapping project that is going to be released this year! This Map was meant to be a big collab...

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