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Last Dance (Custic Remix) – Dua Lipa

Mapper: bennydabeastDifficulties: Expert+, Expert, Hard, Normal YouTube Preview:

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A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton)

Mapper: PeepersA Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton, expert difficulty only, full custom lighting. Preview: Enjoy! Check out my other song here: - Energy Drink (Virtual Riot)

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EC2 – Prototyperaptor – Still Waiting

Mapper: RusticExpert / Hard Part of the Electric City 2 song pack

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Bring Me To Life – Evanescence

Mapper: FromenThis is an official qualifier chart for the 2018 Beat Saber WorldWide Tournament. More information can be found in the Discord server:

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Fake Love – BTS

Mapper: bennydabeastDifficulties: Expert, Hard YouTube Preview: More Benny Originalsā„¢:

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Kaizo Trap (Scoresaber Fix)

Mapper: GreatYazerThere was a problem with scores not submitting. Hopefully this fixes that issue. Hard/Normal/Expert/ExpertPlus (1800 notes)

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Linkin Park – Burn it down

Mapper: MorlokxThist is my very first track. Expert only and a bit symmetric šŸ˜› Feedback is very appreciated since I will continue mapping. Enjoy! preview...

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Burn it Down – AWOLNATION

Mapper: FreeekExpert, Hard, Normal and Easy charts! Full detailed lighting. Expert FC Video: Check out my other charts here: Watch us play and chart live...

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Generdyn – Gas Mask

Mapper: RusticExpert / Hard / Normal

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Misery Business by Paramore -StrongLad- (Expert Only)

Mapper: strongladExpert Only Preview:

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Jaroslav Beck – Hyper Drive

Mapper: RusticExpert / Hard / Normal Very much OST map inspired

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Numb – Linkin Park

Mapper: DownyCatExpert - Hard - Normal Charts Custom Lighting

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Cotton Eyed Joe – Rednex

Mapper: ayewynMade for my mother who wished Beatsaber had this track when I demoed the game to her.

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Daft Punk – The Game has Changed

Mapper: spacegravyThis is a mid difficulty track and it was made more for fun than it was for difficulty, give it a go.

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Weak – AJR

Mapper: ryuk845Expert only but not really that hard. My third beat map.

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