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SVRGE – Hide Away [Chroma]

Mapper: thingnowgood stuff light show:

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Ready (ft. Try To Find Me) (Ray Volpe Remix) – Dabin & William Black

Mapper: DirtyAlexRay Volpe NEVER misses! An awesome melodic banger from him with a bit of a twist in the first drop! Big thanks to @Rexxz...

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Grant & Ellis – Dead Man Walking

Mapper: GeneralDumbassBig Jam Techy Acc Also my first time making manual lights

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[Electro Swing Pack Vol. 2] Sam and the Womp – Bom Bom

Mapper: Nixie.KortenElectro Swing Pack Volume 2: Electric Boogaloo! For the anniversary of my first pack, I am making a sequel. 10 Electro Swing songs, 3 difficulties...

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Mapper: eurnkungSolo debut of TWICE's Nayeon! Expert+ Gameplay: Feedback appreciated. eurnkung#6176

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HRVY & Matoma – Good Vibes

Mapper: Z-ANESaberYo Thanks to the sexy @Tall_Chilis_Boi for giving me the idea to do...

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State Champs – Some Minds Don’t Change

Mapper: SnowyStarsGood acc songe. Quick re-publish. A few Ex+ changes, and JD fixes.

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Divinity – Porter Robinson

Mapper: ramenator05Divinity - Porter Robinson mapped by ramenator05 Thank you to TheCzar1994 for playtesting. I started working on this map a long time ago so...

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So Good – Halsey

Mapper: Faded99Yo! This new song by Halsey was stuck in my head, so I had to make a map. In my opinion it's one of...

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Madison Mars – I Will Let You Down (feat. KLARA)

Mapper: Avexusjust a jump map, 252 ebpm. made it in two hours, hope ya like diff estimate: 7.25 ★ preview: lyric video: REUP: missing note and i forgot...

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Mapper: note2evilA lot of thanks for the exclusive lightshow from @eurnkung Official Song Link: Expert+ Gameplay: Any feedback is appreciated. You can contact me on Discord! NoteIIEvil#4252 Enjoy and...

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Separate Ways – Eva Under Fire

Mapper: SyndicateThis track means quite a lot to me. And what a phenomenal cover by an amazing band! Mapped and lit in the 3D Editor Requires...

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[V3] Taylor Swift – 22

Mapper: gBitzTaylor Swift collab with @Joshabi, who made the V3 Ex+ diff using arcs and chains. It's really cool, you can see a preview...

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Cancer – My Chemical Romance

Mapper: EmotionalFlightThanks to @swukpuff for testing! 360 Expert+ and Standard Expert are similar barring adjustments for rotations. 360 Preview:

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Kogarashi Sentiment (TV Size) [Monogatari Season 2 Opening 6] – Chiwa Saito & Shinichiro Miki

Mapper: JoetasticThanks to PixelBoom#0001 for the special request! Also special thanks to him for doing the V3 Vanilla lights on it! ( Kogarashi Sentiment (木枯らしセンティメント "Wintry...

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