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Air – Mr.FijiWiji Remix | AMV by SliceOfLife

Mapper: GevarredVideolink: ==================================================== If you are making a video to the level I would be happy if my video is linked in the description, but is...

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Kai Wachi – Demigod [Kai Wachi Pack]

Mapper: RexxzPart of Kai Wachi collab | Map pack Pack was done by Ruckus, Rexxz and Heisenberg -------------------------------------- Mapping done by Rexxz And big thanks to Heisenberg on...

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Lost – Kai Wachi [Kai Wachi Pack]

Mapper: HeisenbergirlPart of Kai Wachi collab | Map pack Pack was done by Ruckus, Rexxz and Heisenberg -------------------------------------- Amazing video done by TougeVR:

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Doubt – twenty one pilots

Mapper: fruheadNice relaxing and laid-back experience, even on Expert/Expert+. In-game voting is fixed too, so don't forget to update your mods! BPM: 123 Notes: N -...

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Good Vibrations – Marky Mark

Mapper: Ryger

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Hey Look Ma, I Made It!

Mapper: techbutterflyHey Look Ma, I Made It by Panic! At the Disco. Fully mapped - Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert! Each higher level builds...

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Rap God – Eminem

Mapper: Ryger

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Switch – Darren Styles | Fulfilled Song Request | Charted by StyngMe

Mapper: GavinBPM: 160 NJS: 12, 14, 16 If you want your own chart made for you please contact me on discord @ StyngMe#3909

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Saeed – Infected Mushroom

Mapper: RexxzCollab between Bomb, Heisenberg, Rexxz and Ruckus Bomb: 0 - 1:32 Heisenberg: 1:32...

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Scatman – Scatman John – BT90

Mapper: HeisenbergirlThis map is part of a 90s songpack. Search "BT90" to find all the songs in the songpack. Map is created by Heisenberg_IRL. Check...

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Lookas – Can’t Get Enough

Mapper: RusticExpert +

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Happier Sunflower – Marshmello, Post Malone, Swae Lee, Bastille [Mashup by Dj Pyromania]

Mapper: RuckusPreview:

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Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera

Mapper: FafurionSee it in Action:

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Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson

Mapper: atlasikThis Beat Saber track is created by Atlasik and contains only Expert+ difficulty, the expert+ difficulty is extremely hard, maybe that hard no...

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internet moms – CastleCarousel

Mapper: airstrike42Hey there Internet Moms! Join other Moms On The Net™ by downloading this track through the power of Cyberspace to the comfort of...

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