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March 4, 2020
A fellow crazy escaped inpatient photon cultist from the land of bread. I like your maps... mostly. Some maps you've made are really nice and personal favorites over many. The effort you put into lights is respectable as you are among the small handful of people who just go overkill and few steps more towards lighting. Has been nice seeing your journey as a mapper progress and even collabing few times with you and hopefully a few times more in the future. Also your efforts for the ranked side and so are respectable on top. A top tier mapper for sure.
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July 2, 2019
Dope to see oldies mapped, fine work bud.
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I'm a rhythm game addict, it started with GH3 and now I'm hooked on SDVX, Cytus II and of course Beat Saber. My mapping work has started with the indie game OSM : Old School Musical, where I made my hand on the 50 charts the game propose. (check it out here, the game is awesome : // Also available on Switch) Mapping for Beat Saber is truly a blast, so you'll see a lot from me when navigating the newest releases.


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