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MyBeatMap#4 - Shine by Pentagon

Made this one with a passion to dance along with the positive vibes of this song


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December 5, 2020
The first custom song I played was by this mapper. I saw Dynamite in the curated and downloaded it, couldn't have had better luck! All the maps I have played (quite a lot of them) have great flow and are fun to play! Thank you for making such awesome maps!
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August 8, 2020
Really awesome mapper! Maps consistently have great flow and are genuinely just fun to play. Patterns can be technically challenging and can take some practice (for me at least!), but the streams are super well done and not just tightly packed simply to increase difficulty. This mapper does a really nice job of capturing the song’s energy in the patterns and timing of notes. Oh, and the lighting is also stellar! Thank you for taking the time to create such awesome maps!
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Anthony K

Mapper (Maybe?)

Aussie BeatSaber fanatic. I bought a Vive planning to play VR games. Turns out I bought it just to play Beat Saber. Huge fan of music, personally Kpop but I listen to a lot of music . Tried mapping a few songs and I enjoy it so I'll keep going with that I guess. Feel free to contact me on the Discord for any requests (especially Kpop)


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