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Dominate – Beartooth

Mapper: Bytrius No more carrying the weight of anything.

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Sendan Life (katagiri Bootleg) – CHUKKA

Mapper: cerret fjaksdhjfaosdf gl enbroja

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Deception – Dance Gavin Dance

Mapper: cerret one of my favobirte songus !! gl nerds

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GaMetal – Lifelight (From “Super Smash Bors. Ultimate”) [Instrumental Version]

Mapper: FatBeanzoop Hello lads, my first collab with the amazing player and mapper Aquaflee, fun chill 280bpm map to a lovely song Aquaflee's beatsaver:

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Cynical Night Plan

Mapper: Jaack Winner of the British Beat Saber Mapping Competition! This map was my first ever attempt at lighting. If you were to look at...

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Mapper: aquaflee0 this song is so good SourPls might add lowers who knows but for now enjoy this 290 bpm Star estimate: 10.8

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Camellia – Berserkerz’ Warfare 345

Mapper: cerret here we go gl nerds

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Kobaryo – Galaxy Friends

Mapper: Cobayo Reupload #1 Enjoy B)

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Trapped in the past

Mapper: nomuffn ami

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Camellia – Venomous Firefly

Mapper: ComplexFrequency Thank you Qwasyx and Tseska for the QAT mods, and Narwhal for queueing this map Soon to be ranked, hopefully this is the...

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Camellia as ‘Bang Riot’ – BANGER A.F., BROOOO!!!

Mapper: aquaflee0 falsdjfnlkasdfklajsdbflasdbfla reupload to make it timed correctly, k quite a fast map hope you enjoy # olbmaphlee you always beg to be in...

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STAY – The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber

Mapper: rfcaps_ Song kinda jams so wanted to make a quick map for it and FatBeanzoop wanted to take a diff too! Thank you so...

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Kobaryo – Fantasie-Celeritas

Mapper: ComplexFrequency Last upload. I am done with this map. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on this Map was made almost a year...

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Mapper: Bytrius Waiting for your touch. Collab with Joshabi!

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[DITR2] Camellia – Hitech Pistol

Mapper: ThyYeet Diamonds in the Rough is an event for new mappers which matches them up with experienced coaches to create a multi-difficulty, curation-worthy map....

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Used to be a pp grinder until I hit top 200 and then I realized I'm not actually good at the game, so I became a curator/mapper instead. I will usually look for high quality 7+ nps maps to recommend, as well as other challenging playstyles. shan_man#7777 if ya wanna chill


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