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  • Beat saver is in the middle of a server migration. For the time being until the migration completed beat saver is very unreliable. You can try songs again and again and some will work here and there. It’s annoying but the old server can no longer support the traffic influx, hence the migration.

    Should be resolved within a few days hopefully.

  • Selfblumpkin replied to the topic one click not working in the forum Support

    3 months ago
    Beat Saver is being migrated to a new server. If you keep trying the one touch it will eventually work. This will work properly in a little while after the migration is complete. Right now beat saber is very unreliable.
  • Beat Saver is currently being migrated to a new server.

    There’s some pretty severe issues with downloads right now.

    Should clear up in a few days once the migration is complete

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  • Selfblumpkin replied to the topic Copyright? in the forum General

    1 year, 2 months ago
    Here’s a bunch of reasons why you shouldn’t worry and start mapping
    1: no money is exchanging hands for maps. That means if an artist wants to sue he has to hire a lawyer to get… nothing. Well they’d get bad publicity. But that’s it.
    2: DMCA Takedowns exist: if an artist is truly butthurt they can submit a takedown notice to beatsav…Read More
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