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Sayonara Wonder Noise

Mapper: HiromiRIt's a collaboration map. Thank you!! Chourus...Hiromiru Others...BigSlick

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All Eyes On Me – Fox Stevenson

Mapper: Jaacksend feedback to Garsh#2946 Garsh has been begging me to map this for over like 9 months so I finally mapped it Thanks for curating...

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yama – Mahi (TV Size)

Mapper: CoolingClosetthis show is bad

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PSYQUI – Hype (feat. Such)

Mapper: aquaflee0song bops hard, made a lower diff for people who wanna enjoy the song and are incapable of playing 344bpm thank you irish for...

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A Rash Decision – Ice Nine Kills

Mapper: BytriusBANG BANG BANG!!! Preview: The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood by Ice Nine Kills Map Pack

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Sakuzyo – Destr0yer

Mapper: ashadcredit to aalto for helping me with environment edits, find their maps here: just a fun little experiment with tiny environment editing to...

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[Ranked] Datsik & Virtual Riot – Nasty

Mapper: ElecastReup #3: Added manual lights (Disable override colors when playing with lights)! Reup #2: Thanks Bitz for the QAT mod! Reup #1: Thanks nolanLMOA for...

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INZO – Overthinker {Chroma + Noodle} {DL the new version from my profile}

Mapper: totallyballoonThis chart didn't take too long. Thanks Tzurs11 for helping with environment, Swifter for also helping with environment, Mawntee for helping with scripting, and...

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The Bravery – supercell

Mapper: UninstallerThanks to Mystikmol and Qwasyx for testing! Bigger than TV size though not the full 6 minutes this time!

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Bear Ghost – Big Town Banky Blaine’s Rockabilly BBQ

Mapper: brightknightI may eventually rank this. If I ever find the motivation to downmap it, that's what'll happen. I also can't play this...

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Futakuchi Mana – KING

Mapper: ThySpoonjajmerm i even made 3 diffs

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Konuko – Toumei Elegy

Mapper: chikinbiskitfunny osu song made the downmaps easier original x+ is in lawless, waaay harder than fukagyaku replace x+ hope you enjoy uploaded 18 aug 2021 feedback @ chikinbiskit#6365 preview:

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Wait – M83 (wall art, 2021 remap)

Mapper: nyri0My map of the song Wait by M83 was one of the precursors of the current Beat Saber art scene and is one...

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