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Mapper: that_narwhal Jammer for rank Ty for modding shrado Reup #3 -final changes for ranking -hahastaircase -fits 2min or less SPS now

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Wonder in Lead Seal [Arknights Soundtrack] – HyperGryph ft. Cristina Vee

Mapper: joetastic Wonder in Lead Seal is the lobby theme for Arknight's Lead Seal Contingency Contract. This map was a special request by Chesutapichi#4314 Custom...

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Safe House – Feather

Mapper: freedomhydrand Im Actually releasing a noodle ext map! Yes! you'll need noodle extentions & chroma. Nothing majorly fancy.

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Fort Minor – Remember The Name (feat. Styles of Beyond)

Mapper: existenceexpire Genre: Alternative Hip Hop If you don’t want to see flying words or don’t have MappingExtensions, just play “No Lyrics” difficult. Feedback (Discord):...

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3 – Telecaster B-Boy/テレキャスタービーボーイ – feat. Kagamine Len

Mapper: fefy 【Preview】

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TUYU – Hide and Seek

Mapper: rigid #320 Youtube Preview : Discord Server : Twitch: Twitter: Youtube : Expert+

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Celldweller – Unshakeable

Mapper: nitronikexe another fairly long map, but it's celldweller so it's okay yell at me on discord nitronik.exe#7974

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逃亡Toubou(Escape) – Yorushika

Mapper: emir

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Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra – FEHLT

Mapper: emir

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Motohiro Hata – Rain [The Garden of Words OST]

Mapper: simplymarvellous Custom map with 2 difficulties from The Garden of Words OST. Discord: SimplyMarvellous#0290

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Portugal. The Man – Modern Jesus

Mapper: alekcake This was a request by the amazing Lynlisss! They recorded a gameplay video of the map which you can check out here!: NPS Hard:...

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Drop That Low – Tujamo

Mapper: uninstaller Mapped for Vision Block 2020

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Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto – Can’t Stop Playing (Makes Me High) (ft. Ane Brun) (Oliver Heldens Remix)

Mapper: pixelguymm I hate this song's metadata. It's a banger though :). This song was a request by xer0737! Have fun!

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Mike Williams – Rocket

Mapper: darknezz Finally got to finish my second map i have ever made If you like the map or have any feedback of how i...

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BOCA – Dreamcatcher

Mapper: aggrogahu Expert+ preview: (pre-release version) credits to bonkers for setting up project files and mapping majority of lights follow me if you want: consider...

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Hi. I'm a pretty active curator here on Bsaber, and I'm always watching for new maps that deserve a review! You'll know if I curated your map if I leave a review. I'm also a mapper; I map primarily OST tracks and utaite covers. I'm a pretty active testplayer, and I mod maps going for ranked. You can find me on discord at Pyrowarfare#1032. I hope you enjoy my maps!


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