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[CHARLIE Pack] Charlie Puth – No More Drama (Arcs)

Mapper: ScorefammShowcase Video: I'm back with a Charlie Puth map. This map is for @Lekrkoekj playlist of all the songs from Charlie Puth's album (CHARLIE) Playlist link This...

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Taste Of Death – Mori Calliope (Sinderella Album)

Mapper: JaVRierThis is Taste Of Death, a new song composed by KIRA and performed by the vtuber Mori Calliope, this song is featured in...

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zYnthetic – Fury Of The Bells

Mapper: JohnieCanineMerry Christmas!! Best played with chroma mod! Lawless diff by Raydz (very tough) Map changelog: v1.0 (12/11/2022): Release Curated on 12/24/2022

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[Cinema] BadKlaat – WYLD

Mapper: SpinvvyFrom BadKlaat's WYLD EP! Includes V2 lightshow 2k+ events! Also includes optional cinema video! Difficulty | NPS Expert+ (WYLD+) | 3.60 Expert...

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Dracula – Swing of Death [Halloween 2022]

Mapper: CyrixThis is the third and titular track of the concept album "Swing of Death" by Trond Holter and Jørn Lande, as well as...

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The Dead March – Sullivan King & Ray Volpe

Mapper: DirtyAlexFAT epilepsy warning on this one. Lights can get very flashy at times! Another Ray Volpe banger?! And another collab with Rexxz?! This...

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AJR – Turning Out

Mapper: PhøenixSometimes you need music for life's most relatable problems 🎺 This is a V3 Map! If you are playing on a Beat Saber version...

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[Chroma] Craig S. Barnes – The Hill Camp

Mapper: SpinvvyFrom the OST of the point & click adventure game, The Crown of Leaves! Includes 2.0 Chroma lightshow w/ 1.7K+ events! Difficulty | NPS Expert+ (Hills)...

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MC Livinho – Cheia de Marra

Mapper: emiliamusica pica 👍 funkzão tope 👍👍👍 includes semi custom lights and custom colors Any questions or suggestions DM me on Discord: Emy#6666 😀

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[Chroma] Kaskade – Solid Ground

Mapper: PhøenixPart of the Kaskade "Reset" EP! Very comfy fun dance map to chew on. Yet again another personal experiment to widen my dance...

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(Urban Latino) Fulanito by Becky G & El Alfa

Mapper: Dee-Dee"Fulanito" is a song by American singer Becky G and Dominican rapper El Alfa. “Fulanito” may be a summer scorcher, and El Alfa...

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Red Velvet – Future (Start-Up OST Part.1)

Mapper: eurnkungAn OST by Red Velvet for the Start-Up television series. My Expert Gameplay:

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Aether Realm – The Magician

Mapper: shradoRanked on ScoreSaber/BeatLeader

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Papercut – Linkin Park

Mapper: BytriusThanks, Sepfy! Socials:

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Paramore – We Are Broken

Mapper: CokeInjectorgoosebumps, song just hits different to me idk what more to say about it

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