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China Anne McClain – Calling All the Monsters (Cinema)

Mapper: Xavier With Halloween around the corner I figured it would be good to make a Halloween themed map for everyone . big thanks to...

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Hoshino Gen – Doraemon / 星野源 – ドラえもん

Mapper: yaomin DD

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Burning Out – Bad Omens

Mapper: Bytrius Thanks, Hoddlom!

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rumor has it glee (cinema)

Mapper: tinkervr85 rumor has it you will love this map. thanks to everyone to play tested for me

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REVIVED – Derivakat

Mapper: Bytrius A decade of time to make everything mine.

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WRLD – Everything

Mapper: Phøenix Back with another WRLD banger, hope you enjoy "Everything"! Difficulties: Expert+ Length: 4:20 NPS: 4.33 Big Thanks to Jerk for playtesting the level...

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Shivers – Ed Sheeran

Mapper: Faded99 Mapped by Faded 99 and Z-ANESaber ► Map Details: - Difficulty: Expert - Duration: 3:27 -...

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Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me (Taylor’s Version)

Mapper: Joshabi I got very bored have a map. Jam Jam Very comfy map Time Spent Mapping: 1h 50m ish

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Better Off Alone (ft. RUNN) – Kai Wachi

Mapper: DirtyAlex This song is absolutely insane! The second drop on this goes so fucking hard and RUNN's angelic voice is amazing as always. The...

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Alan Walker x Jamie Miller – Running Out Of Roses

Mapper: Z-ANESaber Yo ► Mapped by Z-ANESaber & Faded 99 [Chroma suggested but...

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Seizure Machine – Doug Dimmadome

Mapper: nolan121405 requested by fxsnowy short midspeed acc map

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This Moment ft. Gallie Fisher – Crystal Skies

Mapper: Revelate

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AJA – Red Button (Cinema)

Mapper: Xavier This Beatmap is a special request for a couple of my favorite you tubers that call themselves Beat Saber Duo . If u...

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Stay – the kid laroi and justin bieber

Mapper: Xavier This beatmap is a special request for a little dude who just turned 12 and tried beatsaber for the first time and asked...

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Harrison – Celica Supra

Mapper: Ryger

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