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Aether Realm – The Magician

Mapper: shradobringing this back to a ranking queue sometime soon im so sorry astrella there was an issue 🙁 thanks for modding dibl and irish :!) any...

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Papercut – Linkin Park

Mapper: BytriusThanks, Sepfy!

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Paramore – We Are Broken

Mapper: CokeInjectorgoosebumps, song just hits different to me idk what more to say about it

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U.N. Owen Was Her? (USAO Euphoric Frenchcore Remix)

Mapper: icantjumpwellD4DJ Groovy Mix lohl Expert+ Preview:

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AJR – Bang!

Mapper: JohnnySilverhamsA map I made for lekrkoekj's music pack. Go check out their maps! Thanks to lekrkoekj for playtesting!

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Tim McGraw – Just to See You Smile

Mapper: OriginTT

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Lee Ann Womack – I Hope You Dance

Mapper: OriginTTCinema included.

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Into Light

Mapper: Specture7Me and Klondike worked on this map for the past 2 weeks. Thank you so much to NorthWind for allowing us to...

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Just Can’t Get Enough – The Black Eyed Peas

Mapper: Faded99Yo! This song was kinda missing as a map, so I decided to make one. Thanks a lot to Dietah for playtesting! Have fun! ►...

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Mad at Disney – Salem Ilese

Mapper: OlafMapped this within an hour to challenge myself after the mapping challenge. Enjoy this bop catJAM Minor tweaks. Now ranked in actual music hitbloq...

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Meghan Trainor – My Kind Of Present (Cinema)

Mapper: XavierI am Blessed this year Getting to spend time with my girlfriend and her son for Christmas. She keeps telling me not to...

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Meghan Trainor – I Believe In Santa (Cinema)

Mapper: XavierTis the season for some Christmas maps 🙂 Hope u all have fun with this Bop

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Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) – The Offspring

Mapper: BytriusThanks, Geminius!

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Find Our Way (feat. Klei) – Midnight Kids

Mapper: KlondikeThis isn't my first map, but it's the first one I feel comfortable uploading. First time I have a map with full lighting...

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USAO – Night sky

Mapper: ThySpoonhi

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