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Monstaz. – Popcorn Funk

Mapper: Davaayy First map! Thanks a bunch to spectre158 for basically modding it. Easy diff is lightmap

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Camellia – Labyrinth in Kowloon – Walled World

Mapper: PhøenixCAMELLIA WHAAAAAT!? First time ever mapping anything Camellia and I had a lot of fun with it! Also first time mapping at this...

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Endless – Creo

Mapper: Isaac7EVENI loved mapping this song and giving it Chroma lights. Big Thanks to Caeden117 for providing his 360 diff with his light show included. Endless...

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Machine Gun Kelly – papercuts

Mapper: joy_xNew song by Machine Gun Kelly Song: Expert+: 19 NJS, -0.7 Offset, 4.61 NPS Expert: 18 NJS, -0.6 Offset, 4.5 NPS Hard: 17 NJS, -0.5 Offset,...

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{Chroma 2.4} Seven Lions, Tyler Graves, Mazare – Only Now (Mazare Remix)

Mapper: Swifter Light go brrr Video:

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Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Modchart)

Mapper: TzurS11 This is a modchart that i wanted to do for a long time, i saved this song becuase I love it. And today...

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{Chroma} Audien, 3LAU, Victoria Zaro – Hot Water – 3LAU DNB Remix

Mapper: Swifter This was requested by "HeckinGay" 🙂 I totally dig DnB and this song was a jammer, so I decided to take the request....

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Apashe – Uebok VIP [Chroma 2.4]

Mapper: Fatalution Has Chroma lights. Please install Chroma and enable all effects for the beautiful Chroma 2.4.9+ lightshow It's Apashe. It bops. Gotta run. And play. ThySpoon...

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Make A Wish (Birthday Song) – NCT U [Noodle Extensions]

Mapper: aggrogahu Keep UI enabled Majority of Ex+ map by SimplyMarvellous Regular Ex and Chroma/Noodle effects by me Wish me happy birthday: Help me...

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[RN2H] SoDown & Mr. Bill – Eskimo

Mapper: CheckthepanMapped for RN2H! This time did a normal map and then layered 90 degree on it for the challenge 🙂 Briefly cleaned up a...

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[Electro Swing Pack] Caravan Palace – Wonderland

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[Electro Swing Pack] The Electric Swing Circus – Empires

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[Electro Swing Pack] Annella – Love Music

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Nanawo Akari – Kanzen Houki Sengen

Mapper: ETAN These past few years has been a wild ride. I wanted to thank you for all of the support and I hope you...

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BlackY – Kaguya

Mapper: aimedhades16hi I'm gonna rank this too. map centered around 180's for rank PogChamp?

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Hi! My name is Pixel, not really, but I know you can't pronounce my real name. I've been a mapper since the start of 2019 and I still enjoy making maps to my favorite songs, for the community to play. I hope you like them as well!


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