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[S3RL Pack] S3RL – Not Alone (ft. Ella) (Chroma)

Mapper: SmokeyBacon Part of the S3RL Pack Preview: Thanks to S3RL for giving us permission to do this! Please check out his music: Contributors:...

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[S3RL Pack] S3RL – Predictable Rave Song (ft. Tamika) [Chroma]

Mapper: Alice Part of the S3RL Pack Preview: Has Chroma lights, please install Chroma for the full experience. ❤️ Thanks to S3RL for giving us permission...

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[S3RL Pack] S3RL – The Bass & The Melody (Chroma)

Mapper: jremcnuggies Part of the S3RL Pack Preview: Chroma Lights by AliceXIV Thanks to S3RL for giving us permission to do this! Please check out his...

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Love Got You

Mapper: 1stAfterHundred Definitely use lights for this map 0_0

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We Don’t Play – Disciple // Chroma Mega-Collab

Mapper: tranquillizeme Chroma Mega-Collab! Thanks to all these awesome lighters for their awesome work! Please check out their other levels below: aaltopahwi // bloo...

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Fly Wit Me – Camellia

Mapper: Shappy hehe bomb

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[RN2H] Aero Chord – Drop It [90 Degree Map]

Mapper: Checkthepan RN2H Map! 90 Degree map only. Most of this is even only in a 60 degree cone, so it should be very friendly...

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Toby Fox – THE WORLD REVOLVING (Camellia Remix) [From Deltarune Ch.01]

Mapper: Nolanimations CERTIFIED BANGER

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juno – never got to kiss you [Chroma 2.5]

Mapper: nolan121405 collab with the awesome chroma lighter, Fatalution! Fatalution: Preview his awesome lights here: Preview the map gameplay here: map by nolan121405 mapset made for OMW.1

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C418 – Aria Math (Protostar Remix)

Mapper: nitronikexe I have not uploaded anything in a while and I am very busy right now with some bigger projects, plus work life. So,...

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Stessie – Atmosphere

Mapper: SlimyBlob A beautiful song! This is a 3 diff tech map which I spent a long time on. Thanks Rocker for testplaying this map!...

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AREA 52 – Camellia (360 Degree)

Mapper: EmotionalFlight Thanks to Pitatochu for testplaying! Rotates a maximum of 180 degrees for better cabled play. Preview:

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Camellia – Mystery Circles Ultra / U.U.F.O.

Mapper: Nolanimations probably ranking this lohl if u can spot the 400bpm burst I will personally give you nothing

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Light Up – Koven

Mapper: Shappy Nice chill map

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wuki – As The World Caves In (Extended)

Mapper: Minicoot61 playtesters oneeyed

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