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Bonfire – Knife Party

Mapper: Purphoros Curator Elliotttate: Bonfire is my favorite map this week. There's a few notes at the beginning that switch hands in un-intuitive ways (I almost...

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AGSORE / Bergentruckung

Hard and Expert only

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Rising Hope – Full Version

Expert only. Lots of streams and variations on streams, kind of a different style from what I usually do. Still not sure if I...

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iro wa niohedo itsuka chiri nuruwo – TOUHOU Project

TOUHOU Project

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My Demons – Starset

This track was made without prior experience playing Beat Saber.

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Shinedown – Devour

This is the map for Shinedown´s "Devour" Really fast and hart map to play. Comes in the difficulties: - Normal - Expert - Expert Plus Here is some footage of...

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Daler Mehndi – Tunak Tunak Tun

Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun Expert Only. 150 BMP 1271 Notes Demo:

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System Of a Down – Toxicity –

There was an oops on previous upload from me trying to get in on here quickly

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Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy

Hard mode. If you typically play Easy or Normal you can still pass this, just hard to 100%. Just like most of my content...

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That Person’s Name Is – Bravely Default Boss Theme

Lighting included, Expert only. Find me on YouTube to be notified when I make a new song Enjoy yourself 🙂

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Rocket League Theme – Mike Ault

Song: Rocket League Theme by Mike Ault. Expert Only | BPM: 121 | Notes: 302 | Length: 1:26 | Obstacles: 0 Preview:

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Lindsey Stirling – Shadows

Swing sabers to violin notes. Probably at the high end of Expert but not quite Expert+ difficulty. No drum rolls, walls, or bombs. Lots...

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Time Lapse – TheFatRat

Expert Only Thank you to everyone that supports me! Special thanks to Dowon and the rest of my patreons, and all of my friends! If you appreciate...

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Fairy Tale – Sangatsu no Phantasia

Hey everyone, BPM 138 #4 Hard Only quick song I made for a friend. I think it doesnt need any other difficulties since its a simple song with...

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Crystal Palace _ by SHIKI

Length: 2:13 BPM: 184 Normal / Hard / Expert note: 341/422/461No mines

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