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Utada Hikaru – Simple And Clean (PLANITb Remix)

Mapper: NobleExpert only. No Lighting. Hope you enjoy!

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Spider Dance

Mapper: squeaksiesfrom Undertale OST

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Tanuki – Babybaby

Mapper: DreszczykOnly expert. Video preview:

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Tut Tut Child – Gravity feat. Isabel Higuero

Mapper: RusticExpert / Hard / Normal

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Witchcraft – Pendulum

Mapper: FreeekEasy/Normal/Hard/Expert - Very satisfying to hit. Expert FC Playthrough: - Freeek =)

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Ignite – Zedd (2016 League of Legends World Championship)

Mapper: guatapuri An expert map for the song Ignite by Zedd. Mapped by the mapper of Hopes & Dreams and Last Surprise. Lighting events fully mapped.

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theme of really cool bird – bobacupcake

Mapper: squeaksiesExpert+ only with lights!

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Prototyperaptor – Iconic

Mapper: RusticExpert / Hard

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Last Surprise

Mapper: guatapuri An expert map for the song Last Surprise from Persona 5 focused more on flow and groove than difficulty. Lighting events full mapped.

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Hopes and Dreams – Undertale

Mapper: guatapuri An expert map for the song Hopes and Dreams from Undertale.

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