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Lemaitre, Jennie A. – Closer

Mapper: AvexusThanks to @Phoenix for collabing with me on this banger! I'm really happy with how it turned out. He was the lighter for this...

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Tame Impala – The Less I Know the Better

Mapper: BombardTooThe chad Lady Gaga environment user Another birthday present for a birthday friend. I think you can notice a pattern here. Features v3 mapping! Take...

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[V3 lights and arcs] Set It Off feat. Hatsune Miku – Why Do I

Mapper: ScorefammShowcase Video: This map uses The EDM environment which is only compatible with version 1.22 or higher I've been wanting to map this song for...

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Devon Cole – W.I.T.C.H.

Mapper: bethbotI happened upon this song randomly (somewhere as a re-post from TikTok) and fell in love with the story behind its creation! It's...

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Vicetone – Fences

Mapper: Avexusspeedmapped vicetone. fun fact, this was the first custom song i installed when modding beatsaber for the first time. this is kind of...

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[#RTYWD] Polyphia – Genesis (feat. Brasstracks)

Mapper: symphonicA banger opening track from progressive rock powerhouse Polyphia's newest album, Remember That You Will Die! This song was fun to map. I...

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[#RTYWD] Polyphia – Chimera (feat. Lil West)

Mapper: bethbotYoooo this song is an absolute bop! This is part of the fun JLC pack for Polyphia's newest album, RTYWD (Remember That You...

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Jonathan Young and Lauren Babic – You’re Gonna Go Far Kid (Offspring cover)[1.27][Rock Mixtape][v3][arcs]

Mapper: tetsubeats** This map's lightshow makes extensive use of the new 1.27 environment. You can play on older versions, but they'll...

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VIOLENCE (TV Size) [Chainsaw Man Ending 11] – QUEEN BEE

Mapper: Joetastic---------Map uses the new 1.20 Note mechanics (eg: arch and chains) and won't work on any versions of Beat Saber below 1.20--------- Thanks @swukpuff...

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Green Day – Father of All

Mapper: FireStrike_We all love a bit of green day sometimes and this song is truly a banger. This is probably my highest NPS map...

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aldn & renforshort – dog eat dog

Mapper: GojiCrafterwhat a fucking vibe lmao aldn and renforshort seriously popped off with this one i wish they did more together expect more renforshort going...

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Sunroof – Nicky Youre, dazy

Mapper: SupremeTaxreupload cuz of new diff now featuring retrx!!11!!1!! lightshow by water_fox SupremeTax#3272 RetrX#3728

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[V3] Sabrina Carpenter – A Nonsense Christmas

Mapper: LekrkoekjAn Expert+ map for A Nonsense Christmas by Sabrina Carpenter, made for the 2022 BSMG Christmas Contest! Check out my map for the normal...

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[FitBeat] Know No Better – Major Lazer

Mapper: snowman6251Part of the Major Lazer song pack which can be found in full here: Thanks to the following people for giving test plays...

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Heaven’s Falling Down (TV Size) [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Opening 2] – sana (sajou no hana)

Mapper: Joetastic---------Map uses the new 1.20 Note mechanics (eg: arch and chains) and won't work on any versions of Beat Saber below 1.20--------- Thanks to...

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