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  • OfficalShuriken 1 week, 2 days ago

    The speed of the mod development for Audica is crazy! Can’t wait to map some maps for it😁 Speaking of maps: I’m making good progress on the Cytus Chapter 1 Pack. Stay tuned 😀

    • Ooh, what songs are you thinking of doing for Audica?

      • I guess everything that comes to mind. For example: Right now I would start with some Monstercat and later (when I figured out some neat patterns) I would maybe try some of the classics like Freedom Dive (or at least my Version of it). It’s a shame, that I only know the basics of C#. I would really like to help with developing these mods, but I guess I lag “field experience”. But I’ll always try my best ;D

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Just a VR enthusiast. I'm from Germany and love Beat Saber. I'm around Rank 50 in Germany and Rank 750 worldwide (Well at least now). I don't actually want to go really that much higher, but I try to defend my position. I'm a very calm person and I never ragequit. Also, I never give up. My mapper name is: Shuriken

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